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24th May 2019

Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents, and How To Prevents Them With Technology

Unfortunately, vehicle accidents happen every day all over the world, and most of the common ones are very easy to prevent. To this end, there are a lot of things that modern technology is trying to bring to the table to keep these car crashes from happening whenever possible. Most accidents are caused by human error, and so technology is trying to save us from pain, damage, and injury by minimizing the possibility of these human flaws. However, accidents will occur, whether it’s caused by human error or technical fault, and you may find yourself in need of legal aid to get the support you need. So it’s important to have someone similar to these vehicle accident advocates on your side when you need help, no matter how it may occur.

You can see several examples of this on the road today. When cars have proximity sensors, they indicate that vehicles are too close to some object, and the driver needs to pay attention. In some cars, there are automated braking and steering options that come standard. Before too long, there will be entirely self-driving cars on the road, which will prevent 90% of the accidents that you see on highways and streets. And, some technology helps out people who have issues with seeing while they are driving in different conditions.

Proximity Sensors

How many accidents do you think happen when cars bump into each other because they aren’t aware of the distance between one mass of metal and another? People don’t always see very well, especially in blind spots, and if someone is turning or paying attention to something other than what’s nearby, this quickly turns into a wreck. However, if cars have proximity sensors, there is an advanced notification when anything is getting too close. It is a fantastic safety feature and one that has prevented countless accidents since it became available on the consumer market.

Automated Braking and Steering

An even more advanced feature than proximity sensors is if your car has automatic braking and steering included in its computerized package. Along with proximity sensors, vehicles that have these electronic technologies will either engage the brakes or the steering wheel to stop an accident from happening. It does take some time for a driver to get used to these options, but again, this is the case where technology will eliminate human error to prevent accidents on the road.

Fully Self-Driving Cars

If you keep up on self-driving car news, you’ll see that the technology is almost ready in its fully-functioning form. Some companies are testing the technology in different driving conditions, and when all of the safety features are finally solidified, you will see cars all over the world that either don’t have drivers or have drivers in them that are there just in case of emergencies when the technology fails.

Issues With Visibility

Some people have trouble driving at night because of vision issues. Technological developments have created night driving glasses that you can put on to eliminate a lot of these visibility troubles. It is incredible how much easier it is to drive if you don’t see glare and if the details of the environment around you are more clearly delineated.

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