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28th May 2021

Stay Current On Investment Trends by Following These 5 Twitter Accounts

Developing a winning portfolio as an investor can be a challenging task, to say the least. After all, you have to be in the right place at the right time. In today’s information-driven era, it helps to have a 24/7 feed of solid investment advice through your Twitter profile. Twitter is one of the largest social media hubs on the internet, and one of the most interconnected, so information travels fast and savvy investors act just as quickly. Just look at some of these wealth management tweets to see what we mean.

To keep your investment portfolio growing with up-to-the-minute accurate information, consider filling out your Twitter account by following these finance and investment strategist profiles.

1. Peter David Schiff (@PeterSchiff)

Peter Schiff is an active member of Twitter and one of the prominent voices on the network for financial commentary. Schiff is an author and a stockbroker as well as a podcast host at the Peter Schiff Show. With more than 485k followers and north of 18k tweets, Schiff is constantly bringing new insights and information to the public.

Schiff is an active user on Twitter and routinely replies to comments on his threads. For question-and-answer discourse, Schiff’s radio show provides a larger platform.

2. @StockTwits

According to a study published by the Pew Research Center, the vast majority of Twitter accounts belong to young adults from the United States. These same young adults are following @Stocktwits en masse as the platform continues to gain ground in its hunt for 1 million followers.

Stocktwits is considered one of the largest investor and trader communities on the planet. With routine updates and educational outreach to other investor platforms, Stocktwits is a great place to begin churning information for your investment portfolio. Among our many reasons for following this millennial-focused investing account is the Trending Tickers update that gets released with frequency. This ticker shows the trending streams on Stocktwits which can provide some clarity on what people are paying attention to.

3. @BreakoutStocks

You don’t win by finishing the race last. If you want to stay ahead of the pack while building your investment portfolio, consider throwing a follow toward @BreakoutStocks. This simple feed has already garnered almost 100K followers since its inception. Breakout stocks are posted with relative frequency on both Twitter and the BreakoutStocks official platform.

Targeted guidance and the highlighting of specific breakouts have allowed followers to study trends. While much simpler than the other feeds on our list, @BreakoutStocks is an easy follow thanks to its accessible guidance.

4. Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello)

Statistics are part and parcel of the investing experience and nobody does it better than Charlie. Charlie regularly takes deep dives into the world of finances to focus on the actual numbers regarding the market, stocks, and the economy. Charlie is the CEO and founder at Compound Capital Advisors and he has extensively covered trending topics that impact the market, up to and including the COVID-19 crisis.

Charlie has more than 265k followers on Twitter and his routine updates showcasing trending tickers and deep statistical dives are impossible to beat. Get in early to his content and ask questions to try and get a response but remember, he has quite the following!

5. Ian Cassel (@iancassel)

One of our favorite follows on today’s financial Twitter is Ian Cassel, founder of MicroCapClub as well as a prominent microcap investor himself. Cassel takes a different approach to finances than some of the names on our list, focusing instead on the psychology of the investment world. Cassel also covers those 100-bagger stocks that can transform your investment career while elevating your life.

Ian’s work isn’t available solely on Twitter as he also frequently appears on investment-related podcasts. For example, Ian did an hour-long session with Anthony Pompliano to discuss the ins and outs of microcap investing as well as how to approach the field as a first-timer.

Why Should I Follow Twitter Investment Accounts?

According to the Q4 2020 Letter to Shareholders, Twitter would reveal an active userbase of more than 192 million daily users. With much of the modern investing world on Twitter, the platform has quickly become ground-zero for breaking news, cutting-edge investment information, and profitable advice.

As a constantly changing field, the most successful among us will be ready to pivot as necessary with new information. Use the accounts we highlighted above as a starting point for your research going forward. Diversify your body of research until you are comfortable with your investment knowledge.

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