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11th March 2022

Work for These Tech Companies when You Move to Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and that means it’s seen a lot of changes since its founding in 1630 by Puritans from England.

These days, Boston is a modern metropolis, combining the new with the old seamlessly, with the Freedom Trail running directly among the downtown skyscrapers.

Also contrasting sharply with the city’s humble origins are all the technology companies that are headquartered or otherwise have offices in Boston. City residents who work in that market have lots of choices available to them.

That means if you’ve recently secured one of the Boston houses for sale and are looking to restart your career in this expansive city, you’re going to be pretty set.

Which tech companies are they? Where should you focus your efforts? Let’s help you out. Here are some of the top tech companies in Boston and the Boston area.


If we’re talking serious technology companies in greater Boston, we have to talk about Formlabs. This is a hugely successful 3D printing company that prides itself on its ability to produce complex and intricate 3D parts for complicated 3D item requests.

Formlabs generates quite a bit of income and is valued at well over one billion dollars. It’s just a company that is an expert in what it does, and if you’re in the 3D printing industry and want to go to work for a winner, you’ll have to check out Formlabs.

Note well, though: they’re located in Somerville, Massachusetts, not exactly in Boston, but just north of the city.


Next up is a serious contender in the client relations management department: Drift.

Drift is a business-to-consumer marketing and chat tool that lets businesses communicate with and market directly to their customers.

You can use Drift to manage your business’s leads and contacts while sending off marketing campaigns into the digital space.

Drift has been gaining in popularity, as well: in 2018, the company made about $45 million, and this figure was only expected to grow from there.

The services that Drift offers are ones in today’s world of interconnectedness. The best tech companies identify problems and solve them for customers before those customers even know a problem exists.

That’s what you can expect with Drift.

GoTo (formerly Logmein)

The last one we’ll talk about in this roundup is GoTo, formerly Logmein, a software-as-a-service company that offers products such as secure log-ins and office suite tools in cloud storage.

If that sounds modest, think again! GoTo’s market cap sits at a cool $3.38 billion, and the company’s yearly revenue is in the millions.

This is a giant of a tech company, and it’s located right here in Boston, so it’s hard for even a newcomer to the city to get lost.

These tech companies are just the tip of the iceberg, too. There are so many other technology entities you can check out when you live in Boston that you’ll want to live here anyway.

We hope this primer has given you some ideas about what kind of job can await you in Boston!

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