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24th June 2019

Why your retail business needs IT support

The modern retail experience will begin to look a lot different in the near future, and the retail industry has already become more fast paced and complex from a technology standpoint. Customers are expecting more from their in-store experience and retailers are quickly scrambling to meet their needs. Wi-Fi beacons, touchscreens, AI, VR, and other technologies are beginning to shape how customers shop and how stores interact with them. You can even find digital retail wayfinding to help customers make their way round a shop, store or mall!

With the increasing presence of technology in brick and mortar stores comes the need to manage IT infrastructure, manage costs, and ensure you are keeping data safe, which can be an overwhelming process. When you hire managed services, they monitor and manage your current IT infrastructure, as well as implement new technologies to improve efficiencies.

By outsourcing IT support to someone like Treasure Valley IT (you can view their website here), retail companies can focus on their products and most importantly their customers whilst knowing that their systems are going to be ready to support the business and drive it forward in a world dominated by tech.

In short, the consumer experience will be key to motivating consumers to visit retail stores and technology is going to be a huge factor in these experiences, meaning IT will be an even bigger part. Retailers will need to quickly fix any IT issues to ensure that they can deliver the modern customer experience.

What are the main benefits of investing in managed IT support as a retailer?

Improved security and compliance

Having a range of different devices connected to an IT system can always lead you exposed and more open to cyber security threats. A managed services provider will be able to improve the security of any IT systems you are using and can ensure that all operating systems, software, and firmware are up to date. They will also be able to give you guidance on how to ensure you are keeping consumer data safe, ensuring you are compliant with data protection laws.

Quicker disaster recovery

An IT company will be able to get you back up and running a lot quicker than if you attempt to solve problems yourself. They will also be able to put a system in place that will keep your systems back up so that data can be recovered as efficiently as possible if anything goes wrong. Disaster recovery offers great peace of mind and means less down time and less loss of revenue.

Predictable Monthly Costs

Trying to figure out what hardware, software, and other tools you may need can be time consuming and costs can often mount up. When paying for managed services, you pay a monthly payment and will be given a Services Level Agreement that highlights what is included in that monthly payment. It’s a great way to manage costs and is much more cost effective than risking something breaking and having to replace it suddenly.

Staying ahead of the game

An expert managed services provider can give you access to newer technologies and products faster, allowing you to stay ahead when it comes to upgrades and system updates. With top of the range hardware and software, you will be able to thrive and keep up with any changes to technology as they happen.

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