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22nd March 2021

Why You Should Buy A Gaming PC Over A Gaming Console?

With the release of the latest gaming consoles last year from the two many competitors in the market, Sony and Microsoft, many gamers have been questioning whether now the time is to upgrade their out-of-date console and look at purchasing the latest and best console on the market. However, we pose a different question to gamers who are used to playing on consoles, have you thought about looking into buying a gaming console? Below we look at the reasons why we believe this is a viable option.

The power that gaming PC’s have, as long as you purchase a powerful one, is incomparable compared to a gaming console like a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X as the hardware inside the gaming PC can outperform each of these rather impressively. Due to this, gaming on PC can play with higher graphics settings including smoother frame rates and just an all-around better gaming experience due to the power that a gaming PC have compared to a console. And on top of that with cheap PC games, the average price a gamer has to pay tends to lessen. More than often, this can also be far less than what a gamer has to pay while using a console.

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Another one of the main reasons why we would recommend purchasing a gaming PC over a console would be for the sole reason that Steam is one of the best platforms within the whole gaming industry. Steam is the gaming platform where PC gamers can browse, buy and launch their favourite games, all within one window. Steam has virtually every game you can imagine on for PC gamers to choose from and the prices compared to Microsoft and Sony alternatives is very cheap and will give you a significant discount compared to console alternatives.

And finally, although you might find that purchasing a gaming console might initially being more expensive than a gaming console but over time you will start to see cost saving due to not having to pay monthly for your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network services. PC gamers won’t have to pay to play online at all when using Stream, so not only are you saving money on your games on Steam, but you aren’t also having to pay monthly payments to ensure you can play online.

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