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3rd August 2021

What’s The Best Flooring For Your Living Room?

Next to our kitchen, the living room is the heart of our home. With lots of foot traffic, entertaining and appearance, outliving room flooring can be a tricky one to get right. With this being said, there are lots of flooring choices that would be appropriate for the living room, it’s just knowing where to start with looking? So let’s have a look at the top contenders…

Engineered Wood

Wood flooring is known for its comfortable and relaxing premise, as well as having lots of beauty and style. However is it the best choice for our living room? Well, we would say the answer is certainly yes, however it is worth paying attention to which wood flooring is best. Engineered wood is a top contender, as it looks exactly like solid wood but at a cheaper price. As well as this, it is also easier to maintain and is compatible with underfloor heating, which would be a fantastic addition in your living room – perfect and cosy for those long winter nights!


Laminate is an old favourite, having been around in households for many years and is constantly being modernised to improve it. As well as this, it is certainly a good bet for your living room. Not only does it replicate natural stylish products such as wood and stone, but is also very practical being scratch, stain and water-resistant, as you can imagine is very useful in the living room where we have the odd glass of wine!


Of course, carpet has to be mentioned, always an obvious one to lay in your living room. It is warm and insulating, not to mention feeling cosy and soft underfoot! The only issue with carpet is that it can look worn in and trodden down, so it might be worth having carpet in the living room that is not used so much.

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