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28th September 2022

What’s Hot in Tech News

If you’re looking for a daily dose of tech news, you’ve probably come across the site Digital Trends. This site specializes in technology and business news, and offers straightforward, in-depth coverage. You’ll find everything from Sanctions against Veritas to Chatbots and Realtime Preview.

This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech is one of the longest-running tech podcasts in history. Its story began in 2005, with a Macworld Expo reunion between Leo Laporte and his former TechTV colleagues. At the reunion, Laporte recorded an interview with his old colleagues and posted it on his website. It quickly garnered overwhelming fan interest, leading him to start the podcast on a weekly basis. The program was briefly titled “Revenge of the Screen Savers,” but has since evolved into a popular show.

Realtime Preview

Realtime Preview is a beta feature for Group 2 wikis. This feature can cause conflicts with some wiki-specific gadgets.

Sanctions on Veritas

The European Union has imposed sanctions on Bureau Veritas because of its activities in the Crimea. This international company, which has an annual turnover of almost $ 5 billion, specializes in certifications, examinations, and audits. The EU has banned Bureau Veritas from doing any business in Crimea, although it has a branch in Sevastopol.


While chatbots have been around since the 1960s, the recent boom in their use has spurred a renewed interest in this technology. Many employers are investing in chatbots to meet their business objectives.


The term hardware virtualization often comes to mind when talking about technology as a service. This model delivers hardware resources over a high-speed network, such as the servers and storage needed for a business. The software that makes virtualization possible is hosted by cloud service providers. Some also offer storage resiliency services.


The tech industry is a growing industry and impacts more of our lives than ever before. If you work in any type of industry, it’s important to stay informed about the latest trends in technology. You can do this through reading tech news online.

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