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27th April 2020

What to Do When You Want to Start a YouTube Channel?

Do you want to start a YouTube channel too? The barriers to entry have dropped on YouTube, which is helping many more people become streaming stars and earn a handsome income. This type of income can be incredibly beneficial to those who are doing this to earn extra through these platforms. Some people may want to take this on so they are a bit more comfortable with their finances in the future, luckily to help facilitate this, they can use an Avior Wealth Management Firm or a firm of a similar nature, to go over what they have and set them up with a strong financial base. If you want to be one of these people, you should consider the below factors before getting started and earning more money.

Decide the theme

Every channel is based on a theme, like sports, lifestyle, health, wellness, healing, medical, adventure etc. You must decide what the theme of your channel should be. Ideally, it should be something you do/know extensively about so that you never fall short of content. It also helps to be something you’re passionate about. Afterall, you’ll literally need to be able to ‘speak for hours’ in your vlogs on your chosen subject.


Check out the videos made by channels similar to yours and see what kind of content they produce. Pick out the things you like and dislike about their channels to give you an idea on how to structure your own videos. Also check out the comments as you will get to know your audience, what they want, and what kind of content they prefer to see. This is a crucial step in creating a YouTube channel. If you don’t understand your audience, you could make mistakes and ruin your efforts. Ideally, you should know the age, affinities and likes of your audience before you start making videos.

Define a video format

There are several different types of video formats. You may choose to make a commentary style video or one where you talk directly to your audience. You can also make reviews, gameplays etc. It all depends on what you and your audience prefer to see. Some audiences prefer smaller videos, i.e. videos shorter than 10 minutes. Others prefer to see longer videos i.e. longer than 20 minutes, where you can go into much more detail discussing your chosen subject. Once you have an idea on the style of video, you could always hire a local graphic designer to create the initial template for you such as the intro and outro.

Get your equipment

In order to make the video, you would need a camera, microphone and editing software, such as Video Enhance AI (which you can learn more about here and see if it would be a good option for you). These are the basic things that you need to start making a video. You may also need a photo editing software to create thumbnails or to add images in between your video. While this may not cost a fortune, you may not always have the funds to buy them. Forms of credit such as instalment loans could be a good option for you to meet your initial needs providing you have the financial means to repay this such as the income from your permanent full-time job.

Making money on YouTube is becoming more difficult because of changing algorithms. However, good content is still making its creators rich on the network. If you strive to do the same, follow our guide and get ready to fulfill your dreams.

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