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28th January 2022

What features are a must for any ecommerce site?

Any business with a website they plan to sell products and services through must consider what they can do to remain competitive. There are a few elements that every single eCommerce website needs to have to be successful, and that success comes in the way that you can attract online shoppers. Your website is already unique, but have you considered the benefits of eCommerce optimization services

You might have seen some of the main trends in eCommerce website design – animation, product previews with a 360-degree view, dynamic search options, etc. The thing is, these trends may not guarantee you the conversion rate that you’re looking for. Below, we’ve got a shortlist of some of the best features that are a must-have for an eCommerce website. 

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  1. Simplicity. A feature that you should consider is one that keeps it simple. You need to maximize the user-friendliness of your eCommerce website at all times, and keeping your website simple will ensure that you don’t put prospective customers off from using the website in the first place. You want to help shoppers get what they want faster, which means it has to be simple to use.
  2. Make it mobile-friendly. A huge plus point for your eCommerce website is the fact you make it mobile friendly. 50% of all online transactions happen on a smartphone or tablet, literally in the palm of your customer’s hands. A responsive website is one thing, but if it’s mobile-friendly, people are more inclined to use it in the first place.
  3. High-resolution imagery and video. Shoppers want more than one image and the price. They want to see angles, zoom in, and get a good feel for the product in question. Images are what sells the product on an eCommerce website, not the text. Remember that when you’re uploading information and images for your products.
  4. Reviews. If you consider a feature of your eCommerce website, the reviews section. Almost 95% of shoppers will look at the reviews for a product before they part with their cash for it. If your products are unrated, they are – in the eyes of the consumer – not to be trusted. They will go elsewhere to get the reviews they are looking for.
  5. Payment Gateway. One of the key factors responsible for an online business’s success is the availability of different payment gateways. Only if the site offers international credit card processing, UPI payment options, and other similar services, the business can expect to see customers from across the globe. A failure in offering this particular feature can strictly restrict the growth of the business as this will also put a limit on the ratio of potential customers becoming customers.
  6. Discounts. A great feature of any eCommerce website is the special offers and discounts posted for consumers to enjoy. The best eCommerce websites are those that take advantage of the header sections and sidebars on their websites to place offers and discount codes.
  7. Security. Does your eCommerce website display a security certificate? If not, you might want to get that figured out early. People are parting with their credit card information when they shop online with you, and that means they want to know that their purchase is secure.

For the best eCommerce features, consider the advice of eCommerce optimization services, who can tell you all that you need to know to make your site a great one!

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