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9th November 2021

What Are The Benefits of a Bottle Capping Machine?

Many businesses in the modern age recognise the importance and popularity of artisanal drinks. Look around any supermarket, and you’ll see evidence of the explosion in popularity of high-quality lemonades, effervescent rhubarb, elderflower or cherry drinks, and in the BWS aisle, a range of craft beers, ciders and other innovative beverages. If you’re skilled in the creation of tasty new drinks – or have the know-how to create healthy beverages like kombucha – then there is certainly a market there to tap into (pardon the pun).

If you’re serious about supplying the best beverages to a grateful and thirsty market, then you need to consider packaging. While rough-and-ready bottling processes may be enough to see your drinks sell at a village fete or a farmers’ market, taking them to a mass market means getting serious about production – and, as we will see, means becoming familiar with the benefits of equipment such as a bottle capping machine.

However, if you lack the assets to set up a complete unit for packaging, you can rely on packing services provided by various companies, which can be found listed on the Impacked Packaging website or on other online marketplaces. This could work well for small businesses still in their initial years of success. And once you plan to expand your company and services, and have the means to have your own packaging line, you can invest in a bottle capping machine.

They’re simple to include in your production line

How automated is your production process right now? Whether the answer is “very” or “not even a little bit”, a bottle capping machine is easy to integrate into your production line. There are innumerable different models that can work within your need. Even if you don’t have any other automated machinery, you can set up a bottle capping machine on a workbench or anywhere else and get bottling.

They’re ideal for safety and quality control

If you’ve spent three hours capping bottles by hand, you’ll know as well as anyone else that not every single bottle will be capped in the same way. It’s simply a physical impossibility, and carrying out this process the old way inevitably introduces a risk of human error, faulty capping and the possible loss of a significant proportion of your product. With a machine doing the hard work, you can bottle more product, do it quicker, incur less fatigue, and ensure that the 500th bottle in the batch is as securely capped as the first.

No need for specialist knowledge

The skillset required to create the perfect product and operate complicated machinery are very much not the same skill set. All the time you would spend mastering the latter is time that you’re not doing what you’re best at. Any modern bottle capping machine will require very little in the way of technical mastery to operate. Small adjustments and the occasional replenishing of bottle caps are all that will be expected of you, so you have more time to create.

They’re much faster than the alternative

There is no point in being able to brew large quantities of a drink at a time if you then have to spend more time than you really have available bottling it. Using a bottle capping machine will shrink down the time you need to set aside for the necessary packaging, so you can create and distribute more products in a shorter time. The speed with which you can move dictates the amount of product you can sell, so this is no small benefit.

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