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9th October 2020

What Are the 4 Common Myths About Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries that are caused by someone else’s carelessness are reason enough for someone to make a personal injury claim and gain compensation for the damage done. Personal injury claims entitle you to various means of compensation, including payment for your medical bills, compensation for suffering, compensation for loss of enjoyment in life, and any income you may have lost because of the injury. When making a personal injury claim, it would be of help to understand what the process entails.

However, there are some common myths about personal injury claims that need to be dispelled, and also considered before hiring a personal injury lawyer to answer any queries. These myths are often the reason for many people making false claims or believing they are entitled to compensation that surpasses the injury they have received.

You Can Get Easy Money with a Personal Injury Claim

Getting compensated for a personal injury claim may seem like it is just easy money and will burn a hole through your pocket; however, you need to realize that the money you are getting is for the bills that you already paid. The amount is usually fixed, and any extra compensation that is provided is typically minimal and limited to the suffering of the claim filer.

Do not follow what others say about personal injury claims because every case is different, and you may not be given the same compensation as someone else. If you’ve been injured in Arizona and are unsure how much compensation you may be owed then call Udall Shumway as they will be able to help you with your legal issues.

Compensation Is Guaranteed

If you have made a personal injury claim and expect to be compensated, you might have to lower your expectations. Not every personal injury claim will be in favour of the plaintiff. There are many cases in which the plaintiff is not given compensation. Various reasons can cause an unfavourable outcome for the plaintiff, and these reasons differ from case to case. Different cases have different results, so there is no sure way to tell whether you will be compensated or not.

The Case Needs to Go to Court if You Want to Be Compensated

Due to the image the media has portrayed of personal injury cases, many people believe that they have to take their case to court if they want compensation. However, a majority of personal injury cases are never brought to court. This avoidance of going to court is because both parties prefer to settle the case outside of the court. Taking a case to court can be costly, and the compensation may not be worth what the court’s involvement would cost. Thus, if you make a personal injury claim, it is best to settle the matter outside of the court and save yourself time and money.

Personal Injury Claims Do Not Require a Lawyer

Many plaintiffs will consider opting out of hiring a lawyer and settling the case by themselves. This may seem like a feasible option at the time because of the expense you would have to bear by hiring the lawyer. However, this is not a smart move because you may not get the settlement you were expecting or you might not get any compensation at all in some cases. A lawyer, like Nadim Ahmed of Colorado Injury Law, will safeguard your chances of getting what is rightfully due to you by making your case with solidarity.


While personal injury claims may seem simple and straightforward, this is just at the surface. Personal injury claims are very technical, and the evidence required proving the accused is at fault may not guarantee your compensation. However, the one solution that can save you from making a false claim and wasting your time and money is to hire a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

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