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28th June 2022

Web Presence – Beyond the Website

A survey conducted accounted for some interesting findings, which are that 65 percent of SMBs spent less than $10,000 to design, build, and launch their websites. According to Sam Wilcoxon (one of the Co-Founders of Lorem Technologies, a startup that provides assistance with site building for individuals who are already using self-hosted platforms like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace), the return on investment was previously a hard pill to swallow for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This was mainly due to the high costs associated with hiring web developers, which typically ranged from $5,000 to $10,000, and the need for custom coding to create websites.

Now, I am not so naive as to believe that the only thing holding back a business from getting more customers is a lack of a website. Sure, it is true that a business’s success is not solely dependent on having a website, but it would be completely unrealistic to believe that merely having an online presence will automatically attract more customers.

In addition to a properly designed website, businesses may also need to embrace SEO and other techniques that can make their website stand out amongst the increasing competition. For their relief, there are various niche-specific marketing firms that can help enterprises ace their games. Whether they need digital marketing for medical practices, lawyers, real estate, or for any other sector, these firms tend to provide custom solutions to help them reach more customers and improve their revenue.

Remember that if you are playing a game to get new customers through having a site built, marketing your business will only aid in your efforts in increasing sales numbers. You might even benefit from having your company listed at a business directory site like It tends to be a highly efficient way to find a business in a specific industry or location, more so if you have a well-designed site optimized for conversions.

These listings typically include background information on a business, such as business name, address, telephone number, services offered, reviews, the business’s website, if it exists, etc. Each page will be a new listing of businesses I found that do not have websites, including contact details.

When it comes to your online storefront, if your business and products are as appealing as you think they are, the traffic on your website will build up very quickly, and your email inbox will fill with new leads and sales orders waiting to be addressed.

Take advantage of what you just learned and seize the chance to promote your business online. Brand exposure and brand recognition – a simple way to market your small business online, through the use of a website. By tracking your visitors’ behaviors on the site, you will be able to make valuable inputs and take planned and informed decisions.

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