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3rd March 2019

Using Tech To Help You Avoid Repetitive Injuries

Repetitive injuries are often the worst. They sneak up on you when you aren’t paying attention, and they can be so painful that they are debilitating. A lot of repetitive injuries come from office jobs. But there are others that might arise from any situation where you are constantly repeating the same motion or going through the same set of actions.

Luckily, there are a few different types of technology that can help you prevent these repetitive injuries. A classic office injury might be something like a sore back from a chair. If you spend a lot of time gaming, you can get repetitive injuries in your wrists and your fingers. Many times repetitive injuries come because safety concerns are not dealt with. And finally, for really high tech solutions, there are wearables that you can put on that sense your motions, and from the data readouts, you can determine where your aches and pains are coming from. If anything more serious occours it may be worth contacting Law Offices of Cheng, Cho, & Yee, PC for advice

Office Injuries

If you work in an office, you know that many different injuries come from repetitive or static environments. Ideally, your boss will purchase you an ergonomic chair and potentially buy you an ergonomic desk. Those two investments right there can keep you healthy and safe from repetitive injuries more than any other purchase might do. There can be a pretty high initial cost, but it is worth it in saved labor costs.

Gaming Injuries

If you spend a lot of time gaming, whether it’s for personal entertainment or is your profession, then you know that repetitive injuries are part of the danger. However, if you invest in an ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse, that will help with a lot of the worst possibilities. Though excessive gaming is a relatively new phenomenon, many people have already discovered how injurious the repetitive motions can be.

Safety Concerns

Sometimes repetitive injuries can come from a lack of dealing with safety concerns. In examples where employers are not paying attention to employee concerns regarding these things, especially as it might relate to OSHA, people may have to contact personal injury lawyers to ensure that companies are responsible for the environments that employees are in.

Wearables To Determine Where Aches and Pains Come From

Looking at the very latest in technology, there are wearable shirts, pants, shoes, gloves, and watches that pay attention to vital signs, posture, and many other aspects of your well-being. If you wear these high-tech pieces of clothing and then analyze the data, you might be able to start figuring out where your repetitive injuries are coming from. It may seem far-fetched to invest in this kind of high-tech gear, but if it solves your injury issues, the cost is worth it.

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