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29th July 2021

Top tips for being productive when working from home

Lockdown meant that a lot of people, if their employers were able to continue business, could continue working from home. This was the case for many businesses that conduct their activities online and are able to make use of virtual conferencing for conducting meetings.

Working from home opened up a lot of people to a work life that had previously not been open to them. Suddenly their commute changed from minutes, sometimes hours, spent in traffic, to just a walk down the stairs into whichever area they were able to call their office. Or for some people it meant rolling over to the other side of the bed and keeping your camera off during conference calls!

Being able to work from home also meant that people could have more time back to spend with their families. Although, having to home school brought about its on challenges for many parents! Good thing some casinos such as Admiral Casino continued bringing games to their phones in order to help break their day away from the stresses of teaching.

Even though working from home has its convenient side, prolonged working from home saw a lot of people begin to feel fatigued as well as losing motivation due to the difficulty of separating work life from home life. Even though some people have started to go back to work, there are still some people working from home as we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Here are a few ways some people dealt with keeping some sanity and effectiveness to working from home:

Creating a to do list – this helps people create a clear priority list that they can focus on and give them a clear indication of when work is complete.

Taking a break away from the screen – taking a walk is not only a good way to rest your eyes, but is a way to keep your body moving and get some fresh air and vitamin D.

Keeping the same time for your breaks – making sure you eat well and break the work day so as not to feel too bogged down with work. As well as making sure you clock out at the right time without continuing work late into the night.

Creating an ergonomic space – wherever you decide to set up your office, make sure it is a good space that will not take a toll on your back, eyesight or comfort. Ensure you are comfortable and happy in the space you are going to spend prolonged amount of the day in!

Enjoy your time working from home and do not forget your mental well-being!

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