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14th June 2019

Top Tech Cities To Scout Within The United States

Technology seems to be quite the fascination for all people young and old. Mixing your tech fascination with your love for travel can make for the ultimate enjoyable experience. First, you must know the right information to formulate a tech-savvy itinerary.

Start your research now, and delve into a quick look at some of the coolest tech-savvy cities in the nation. Start planning your gigabyte getaway today.

Sacramento, California

Most people think of San Francisco first when they think of tech-savvy cities, but Sacramento has recently become its own sort of hotspot for tech development. You can find Apple, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and a slew of smaller technology organizations as well.

Sacramento is a great hub for research and development, sales and distribution, and hundreds of customer service positions. You won’t contend with as much traffic in Sacramento either. Sacramento has an eclectic mix of neighborhoods, some safer than others. After moving to Sacramento, you can choose between living inside the city limits of Sacramento or choosing a suburb just outside it. If you’re looking for work, you may want to stay in Sacramento and if you are considering the option, look for reliable real estate agents (such as Reali) who can guide you through the process.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix has surpassed Denver and Austin in terms of accessibility to information and communication technology. Silicon Valley leaked into the desert landscapes of Arizona, and the opportunity for work is significant. You can absolutely make a living and a home in Phoenix.

Another mentionable perk of living in Phoenix is the proximity to several national tourism hotspots. You can be in the Grand Canyon National Park or Las Vegas in just a short drive time.

Chicago, Illinois

If you’re scouting a new place to drop your startup tech business, Chicago has the industry magic to support your endeavors. Chicago is the home of City Digital, a company that was built to work on the challenge of solving infrastructure issues around the city.

The city of Chicago offers job stability and an array of enriching activities to keep you busy in your free time. Between the Shedd Aquarium, The Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Field Museum, you’ll have more than enough explorative opportunities in the city.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the home of the well-known schools of MIT, Harvard, and Tufts, which are all tech-based in their dominant curriculum. From these prestigious institutions comes a constant flow of fresh energy focused on boosting tech innovations in the area.

New York, New York

New York City is a special city that runs rampant with opportunity of every shape and size. Even if tech isn’t your thing, the City That Never Sleeps will find a place for you. Artists of all sorts also find their path to success in New York.

There are more than 7,000 different tech companies stationed in New York City, and the bright lights of the city ooze tech development on the daily.

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