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12th February 2020

Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Gaming Phone

The ecosystem of mobile gaming has been growing constantly for the last couple of years. Its popularity is on the rise as phones are getting more powerful. Regardless if you’re a fan of simple games like casino and puzzle or you like something action-filled like PUBG Mobile, smartphones are a great device for gaming. However, it might be hard to choose a phone nowadays due to the large variety of options so we prepared a list with 3 tips for choosing a gaming phone.

Powerful Processor

Phone processors represent the engine behind your activity and they are one of the most important elements. The Snapdragon 855 processor from Qualcomm is the best chip that you can find in smartphones at this time. It has an AnTuTu Benchmark score of as high as 500k points. It is a great choice but you can even go with the older version, the Snapdragon 845 which is still powerful enough, with a score of over 270k.

However, the world of gaming is so vast that you can reach some promising gaming results even by using a weaker processor of 50-100k AnTuTu score. Casino games are ideal for all kinds of smartphones, representing a great entertainment option for people on the go. An online casino like Gametwist is providing users with countless games, for free, all within the same mobile application.

Such a gambling app is optimized to maximize the performance your processor can output in order to give you the best experience possible. If you pair it up with a specialized “gaming mode” found in some phones, even an older processor can be great for gaming. So, make sure to choose a processor that is suitable for the type of games you’re playing.

Display Quality & Size

Gaming on a phone is all about the size and quality of the screen. If the display is too small, your whole experience will be ruined. A gaming phone should have 5.5-inch in size at a minimum. If you can, try to get something that has the 18:9 full-screen format since it can be better for certain games. If you using this type of specification phone then must play casino game here

Because the quality of the images matters too, don’t get an LCD. Try to get a phone that has at least an IPS screen, and even better AMOLED if you can. The last two types of screens will deliver the most vibrant colors out there.

RAM & ROM Memory

ROM is the internal storage of your phone. Even if this is not such an important deciding factor because you can always upgrade it with an SD card, try to find a phone that has at least 32GB. RAM, on the other hand, handles the data transfer speed of your device. 2GB of RAM can be good enough for some resource-effective games like puzzle and casino but, if you want something more complex you’ll need at least 4GB. This will provide a high-enough speed for most games.


The three factors mentioned above are the most important ones in any gaming phone. The ideal gaming phone should have a powerful processor with high-performance RAM and a vibrant display. There are a few other factors that you might want to look into but, if you get these three down, you should be good to go.

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