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23rd March 2021

Tips and Tricks Of Shopping Baju Kurung Online

As technology advances and evolves, there is no longer the need for us to go out to the physical store to shop as we can get our baju kurung online through various platforms. With the emergence of new fashion, most of us have digitised our shopping activity as online platforms help to save time and energy, and you can even order goods while working.

However, there is also a downside and a couple of bad testimonials of buying items online, especially if you wish to shop for clothes like your baju kurung online. We often hear bad stories like the baju kurung online does not fit the size, the color doesn’t reflect the images, or the delivery and returns policy is such a hassle, and so forth. Platforms like eBay hold various little shops which may sell the clothing you desire but remember to check the reviews before purchasing. Additionally, checking the Raise website might not be a bad idea if you want to use any available promo codes.

Now that Raya is a few months away, we could share some tips and tricks that would be helpful so you can buy your baju kurung online and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

  1. Make sure there is a size chart

Since you will not be able to try on the baju kurung online, you need to check every description based on the size chart given by the online platform. The measurement of the baju kurung online includes the size, chest circumference, and length of the shirt. Some baju kurung online doesn’t follow the standard size, therefore it would be best to read the size chart. Check the width of the shirt as the S, M, L, and XL sizes of each brand may be different. Do not immediately conclude that you will fit into size L just because you usually buy the same size. Do not always assume that “Large” is always big enough for you.

  1. Read Buyer Reviews

Even if you are already attracted to the beautiful baju kurung online on the website, make sure you read the comments of buyers occasionally – whether they have a complaint or shown satisfaction. This will help you have a better judgment about the shop. Do not just be tempted by pictures. Remember to read the reviews, and do proper research on the baju kurung online that you want to buy. Make a note on whether the material is easily torn, comfortable to wear, or flexible and match it to your needs.

  1. What you see is not what you receive

Manage your expectations. Sometimes the color of the baju kurung online on your computer screen is not the same as in reality. Prepare yourself for a little dissatisfaction in this regard.

  1. Read the terms and conditions

Once you have studied the size and choice of the design and materials, always make sure you check the terms of purchase. The T&C should include the return policy, method of refund if the goods are not available and how long your baju kurung online will reach your place.

Always be careful and enjoy your baju kurung online shopping experience. Do not let yourself fall into massive discounts and buy something you don’t need! Enjoy and happy shopping.

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