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11th February 2020

Things You Need to Do in Tbilisi: Take a Walk, Relax in the Bathhouse, Play in a Casino, Explore the Mktvari River

Tbilisi is simply an incredible city that is worth visiting at least once. It is so beautiful and hospitable that it leaves the most amazing impression. And you can do very different activities types here: endlessly study strange streets, enjoy the night views, enjoy the small cafes atmosphere, relax your body and soul in the bathhouse. If you want the most luxurious stay, you can order a junket tour to Tbilisi. But everything is in order.

1. Get lost in the back streets of old Tbilisi

Do not just walk around, armed with a map and GPS-navigator, namely get lost. Forget it all at the hotel and plunge into the “pool” of cobblestone streets, curved alleys, street-stairs and street-terraces, houses hanging over the road contrary to the laws of physics, famous carved balconies and real Tbilisi courtyards with imposing cats, noisy children, respectable men playing backgammon, and indispensable clothesline.

2. Take a walk in night Tbilisi

The night Tbilisi photogenicity is not inferior to daytime. By the way, walking around the city at night is completely safe – police reforms and rising living standards have made modern Tbilisi known as a city with a very low crime rate.

3. Relax at the evening at Shangri La

In the night city center, it is simply impossible to notice a beautiful tandem – the Bridge of Peace and Shangri La, the casino of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International, Darren Keane is its CEO. The casino complex adorns the night panorama and beckons you to enter the light. This is an incredibly pleasant and friendly place where guests are always welcome. In addition to classic games and slot machines, the unit offers excellent cuisine from a well-deserved chef and entertains guests with live music and vibrant shows. If you are a little out of practice with your game playing, then you probably want to brush up on those skills before you go. It can be hard to find the best online casino for your enjoyment and if it is a legitimate one that works for what you need, so now would be the time to look at online reviews and pose the question “is blackout bingo legit for me to play?” Once you have your answer to that, you’ll be off!

Storm International, Darren Keane proudly noted, is the country’s best casino, which is confirmed by the Golden Brand awards for three consecutive years. Most of the guests are foreigners, and this also says a lot. Many visitors come to junket tours to enjoy their holidays in the casino and beautiful Tbilisi longer.

4. Tours in Tbilisi from local residents

Inquisitive and sociable travelers who want to fully experience the unique atmosphere of Tbilisi and get to know their residents better, we recommend paying attention to city tours “in the first person” – your guides will be local residents, journalists, historians, artists and just connoisseurs of their native places.

5. Go on a boat trip along the Kura

The river has long played a crucial role in the city life – once it milled grain in mills and helped deliver building materials for new homes. In Soviet times, to protect against floods, dams were built and a locks system was organized, thanks to which previously fast waters began to flow significantly slower. And one of this situation nice bonuses was the possibility of tourist navigation.

Go for a walk in the Kura river. By the way, Tbilisi residents call their Mtkvari, Kura is a Turkic name. This is convenient to do both on a small boat of the River Tour company and on the tourist boat City Sightseeing. If desired, you can even book a boat for a romantic dinner by candlelight, only you need to agree in advance on the desired parameters of your romantic walk with company employees. The motor ship City Sightseeing runs around Mtkvari four times a day from June to September and offers its passengers sightseeing tours in different languages. The boat trip duration depends on the route and ranges from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

6. Go to the sulfur bath and order a massage there

Once the sulfur baths impressed Pushkin, and he knew a lot about pleasures. “I have never met anything more luxurious than Tiflis baths neither in Russia nor in Turkey,” he wrote after a trip to the Caucasus.

The first baths in the Abanotubani area (“Abano” in Georgian means a bathhouse, “Ubani” – a district) appeared in Tbilisi in the 16th century, where, like Roman terms, they were more a place of social life than just a bathhouse. And now the guests here are getting incredible relaxation.

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