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4th February 2020

The Top 5 Most Popular Games in Germany

It is no secret that Germans love sports. Sports are an essential part of German society and culture. From football to golf to horseriding, Germany is all about the sports. Dressurreiten, or ‘dressage riding’ is also a popular hobby in Germany, with many competitions held every year. About 30 million people in Germany belong to the over 91,000 sports clubs available.

This article gives you some of the most popular sports in Germany. These sports include:

  • Fussball or Football

Football is the most famous sport in Germany. The Germany’s national football league is known as Bundesliga and it is one of the most popular and successful leagues in Europe. The national football team is Fußballnationalmannschaft and it has participated for 10 years in the FIFA World Cup. It has won the cup four times. This sport attracts a big number of locals to watch the game every weekend.

In 2018, Germany’s two football teams registered over €4 billion in revenue. Germans also like betting on football and other sports. According to Sportwetten, Germany’s sports betting market hit the €5 billion mark in 2016 and it has seen tremendous growth since then.

  • Golf

Germany is one of the largest golfing nations in Europe. According to the European Golf Course Owners Association [EGCOA], Germany has more than 600,000 golfers and over 800 golf clubs. Unfortunately, golf is a sport that’s not played by all social classes in Germany. It is played by Germans in the higher class because golf equipment tends to be a bit expensive. However, some people do use affordable golf simulators software (like the kind offered by to practice instead of joining a golf club for practice sessions. One of the most famous golf players in Germany is Martin Kaymer. He has even been named the top golf player worldwide.

  • Ice Hockey

In Germany, one of the sports that are full of noise and party is ice hockey. Ice hockey is very popular in Germany. Most cities have a team in the first league. In Germany, ice hockey is known for its fantastic atmosphere. According to, there are over 30, 000 registered ice hockey players in Germany. The German ice hockey team is among the best leagues in the world, but of course well behind the most popular American NHL.

  • Basketball

Basketball has become a very famous sport in Germany partly thanks to Dirk Nowitzki and Detlef Schrempf- two successful Germans who plays basketball in the NBA. The NBA is the [United States] National Basketball Association. The Basketball-Bundesliga or BBL is the German’s basketball league and it has been around since 1964. Currently, it has 18 teams that compete for the national champion title. The atmosphere at any basketball game is something that you should try out. The Germans are also fond of basketball stars like Micheal Jordan, Zion Williams and many more.

  • Motorsport

Motorsports are very popular in Germany- a country that has the best cars in the world. Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher- the two world champions, made millions of Germans very proud for many years. Many people say that Germans seem to have lost interest in motorsports now that these two champions are no longer world champions. Some even say that the sport is less popular like it used to be. Even so, motorsport is still extremely popular. In 2016 Germany had the largest number of motorsport viewers, with a cumulative total of 269 million.

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