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10th April 2019

The Technology And Uses For UV C Lights

You’re probably already familiar with UV A and UV B light, as they can burn the skin. You spend money every year on lotions to keep your skin protected from these rays of light, but UV C light works in a different way.

The benefits of UV C lights have been helping us clean things for quite some time. UV C, short-wavelength ultraviolet light, can be used to disinfect things, purify water, and even in food safety.

Take time to learn something new today, and check out a little information about the technology and uses for UV C lights.

Using UV C to clean the air

Technology has harnessed the power of UV C lights to disperse cleaner air in your home. Most mid-range air purification units you can buy for your home come equipped with a UV option. Activating this function exposes the air to UV C lighting as it passes through the machine.

The light kills microorganisms in the air that could cause you to get sick. The UV lighting will also help to keep your machine cleaner for longer, as it will reduce the environmental comfort for these intruders.

Water disinfection is vital

Disinfecting water through the power of UV C lights cuts out the need for chemical purification. Parasites that are resistant to chemical disinfection are not as powerful against ultraviolet methods of cleaning.

UV C can also be used to remove chlorine from water. Ultraviolet lights are strong enough that they can wipe out many of the dangers that could be lurking in your drinking water.

UV C is helpful for ponds and aquariums

If you really enjoy keeping fish in your home or office, you should know that ultraviolet lighting can help clean the tank. Irradiating the water with UV C light controls the growth of unwanted pathogens.

When you rid the environment of unwanted pathogens, you effectively reduce the chances of a disease breakout in your aquarium. Adding the sterilizers won’t take up much space, and upgrading your filtration capabilities is worth the cost.

Cleaning and sanitization in labs

When you’re working in a laboratory setting, it’s vital that all your tools and safety materials are clean and clear of harmful contaminants. Safety goggles, pipettors, and other crucial instruments can be placed under a special UV C light to be thoroughly disinfected.
Laboratory spaces that use fume cupboards and safety cabinets to prevent contamination and infection also make use of UV C light technology to maintain a clean and sterile environment. Companies like ISG Fume that design such equipment and environments benefit greatly from UV C technology, allowing them to maintain quality and safety of equipment.

Fruit and veggie juice production

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) mandates that nearly all the many different fruit juices sold on the market are passed through UV C lights to reduce harmful pathogens in the liquid. Next time you drink a glass of apple cider, have faith that it is safe to ingest.

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