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31st July 2019

The Immediate Future of the Technology behind Gaming

For those of you who might not know, one of the many ways through which tech bloggers make some good extra money is through the gadgets, gizmos and other pieces of tech like apps we receive form developers and manufacturers, just so that we can test them out and perhaps even give our opinion on how we think they’ll fare in the market. The good stuff we keep for ourselves, but sometimes we pass them on as gifts, auction them off or give them away in competitions, contests, etc.

I know of many tech bloggers who actually sell them too…

Anyway, what I’m getting to is that with these pre-launched technologies usually comes the inside scoop on what the intended route to market is, which means we’re often the first to know all about the immediate future of technology. I’d like to turn my attention to gaming in particular, because a very big paradigm shift appears to be imminent in the gaming sphere. Never mind the specific details of exactly how I came into this information, this time around…

Monetary rewards integration

A major imminent change in the manner through which gaming will be facilitated is that of some kind of integration of monetary rewards. In some way or other, the average gamer will be playing for some kind of prize money or they will effectively be paid for the time they spend playing whichever game they’re enjoying. It might not necessarily equate to some life-changing amounts of money, unless of course you’re specifically playing on something like an online casino platform that you could find through sites such as Casino Martini Canada or others that can point you in the direction of new online casinos that could take your fancy when wanting to gamble through your PC or smartphone.

Diversified payment processing support

Speaking of online casino platforms, this is worth zoning-in on for a little bit because of how increasingly popular online casino gaming is becoming. Popular platforms such as Megareel come to mind as the epitome of the impending changes, simply because this would be an example of how some of the paradigm shifts are already being implemented. With this particular online casino platform, one of the funding and withdrawal methods is PayPal, which, as any online gambler will be a aware of, has historically been quite reluctant to provide payment processing services for the online casino industry. If you looking for the best sites for online betting then visit nation bets.

In line with the impending monetization element to be introduced to pretty much all gaming platforms though, whether it’s direct casino betting or if it’s something like buying expansion packs for leisure games, a more diversified selection of payment processing options is anticipated.


Computers are becoming smarter, meaning they are now able to do mundane tasks by themselves. Some gamers use apps like the one found on sites similar to, which tap the screen virtually for you when something in-game needs pressing. This can speed up the process of navigating through a game, through dialogue boxes, for example, and can also make it easier for gamers to beat their high score. With the combined efforts of the computer and the gamer, the gaming experience can be more enjoyable.

Record-keeping for loyalty rewards

Another aspect of the technology which drives gaming in which impending changes are anticipated is that of the record-keeping process, particularly for loyalty and rewards management. If the public ledger (blockchain) won’t be used outright for these reasons, then a system similar to that which powers the blockchain will be used. In other words it’ll be made more open for public viewing, so you’ll be fully aware of something like how much an online casino brought in, in revenue, as well as how much they’ve progressively paid out.

Platform extensibility

Platform extensibility simply refers to how you can enjoy a range of different games within a specific class, genre, etc, on one platform, so you effectively don’t have to sign up to different platforms.

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