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11th July 2019

The Business Of The Whistleblower

Blowing the proverbial whistle on a bigtime business scandal is a huge risk. Whistleblowers throughout history have faced some very challenging repercussions for their actions, and are often professionally ostracized.

With such a grim outlook, doing the “right” thing doesn’t seem so enticing for professionals. The silver lining is that there are several initiatives popping up around the nation to help support those who are willing to put themselves on the chopping block to expose corporate corruption.

If you’re in a position to shed light on a backward operating procedure, you will be better served by knowing what you’re facing. Here are a few of the challenges faced by whistleblowers today, and a few ways in which people are working to make it a more protected label.

What qualifies someone as a whistleblower

It’s important that you first understand the purpose of a whistleblower. A simple explanation of the whistleblower is someone who has special incite and works to expose wrongdoing in a business.

The information typically pertains to working conditions, fraud, theft, abuse of power, and other risks to the public. By law, whistleblowers are protected from losing their job or being retaliated against in other ways, but the law isn’t always the standard being followed.

However, to ensure that the law is put into practice is why we have lawyers. If you or someone you know has the information that could make a potential whistleblower, but you’re unsure of what to do about it, don’t lose hope as yet. Lawyers and law firms who handle whistleblower claims in Colorado and other states have ample knowledge and experience to tackle any issues that may arise. Reaching out to them can be beneficial in navigating the rough seas ahead.

Whistleblowers are necessary for business

Whistleblowers will always be around, and that’s a good thing for the people of the world. The function of a whistleblower keeps businesses in a certain amount of fear, so most business owners try to operate within the realm of the law.

In other circumstances, whistleblowers help make businesses better. For instance, if the working conditions are sub-par, someone strong enough to speak out can change the lives of everyone else working for the business.

The human cost of blowing the whistle

For whistleblowers, the human cost of tooting the whistle can seem like too high a price to pay. There’s a certain ethical and moral dilemma being faced, and there’s much to consider.

Most whistleblowers do lose their job, despite what the law says about retribution. If you have a family to support, losing your job can seem like an impossible option to choose.

Common threats against bigtime whistleblowers

Not only do whistleblowers have their job to worry about, but often there is retaliation at their home. It’s not uncommon for a whistleblower to have issues with hecklers and vandalization issues at home.

The mission of the Signals Network

Gile Raymond founded the Signals Network. The Signals Network is centered around providing legal assistance and psychological support for whistleblowers.

The organization will not disburse money or any financial backing to whistleblowers, due to a likely conflict of interests, but they will find you a place to stay if you’re being heckled. The Signals Network will link you up with the best legal assistance, and they will help with PR representation.

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