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15th April 2019

Thank Technology For These Life-Changing Medical Developments

Technology and the medical field are constantly working together to make medicine better and save lives. From artificial intelligence to laser technologies, and even the technology to grow new body parts has been developed over the generations.

Take a few moments to consider some of the most impactful changes that have resulted from the marriage of tech and medicine. Here is a brief summary describing a few medical miracles that would have been science fiction just a couple of generations ago.

Repairing broken vision

The technology used in the medical field to correct failing or obstructed vision has changed drastically in the past couple of decades. If you thought soft contacts were cool, the development of LASIK eye surgery probably blew your mind.

Today doctors can give some level of vision to those who were completely blind, and technology just keeps moving forward with the capabilities. The science and tech behind repairing hearing loss is rather astonishing as well. Oticon, the world’s leading hearing aid brand for almost a century, has developed a BrainHearing™ technology to help the brain understand and process sounds more easily.

Stem cell research findings

When stem cell research was first presented to the public, the mystery surrounding the process bred fear in the hearts of many. Now that it is better understood by the public, the miracle of stem cell sciences can be appreciated.

Stem cells can be programmed to develop into any type of cell in the body. They can repair damaged tissue, cure disease, and even cure heart and eye degeneration.

The treatment of HIV

The treatment for patients with HIV used to consist of a cocktail of medications overshadowed by a slew of side effects. Today HIV can be treated with one pill, and the patient’s viral load can be lowered to the point of being undetectable.

Sexually active adults also have the option of being on “prep” medications. The regimen doesn’t make a person immune to HIV, but it is more effective at blocking the contraction of the virus than wearing a condom could ever be which means that males can have unprotected anal intercourse as well as share their male sex toys while feeling safer against HIV.

Laparoscopic surgeries

Today’s technology allows surgeons to go into a patient’s body with minimal damage. With only a few small incisions, a special medical camera guides the surgeon to the internal issue. Gallbladder removal, hernia repair, and appendectomies are much less invasive to the patient today. You can be in and out of the hospital in just a day with most laparoscopic procedures.

New vaccine developments

The Human Papilloma Virus has become so common in adults that nearly half of the population either carries or has HPV, but advancements in medicine and technology over the past ten years have changed the future of the virus. The young people of this generation have the option to obtain the vaccine for the virus, eliminating the threat of perpetuating the problem.

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