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21st November 2018

Technology Must-Haves as a Business Owner

The digital era we live in has changed the means through which business is done. The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought changes from the way managers market their products. Consumer behavior has also changed as people now rely on their technological devices to research for and purchase products.

We can never over-emphasize the importance of technology in improving your marketing plan. And while there are multiple choices to select, it is critical to match your business needs with the technological tools you integrate into your venture. Here are the top must-have technologies you should have.

Data Security

Cybercrime and security breaches have severally been reported primarily in companies with robust data storage centers. That signals why you need to take data security seriously. Unfortunately, only 68% of businesses indicated they utilized the technology. Exposure to data malware can pose various risks, and in some jurisdictions, companies may be fined.

Regulatory policies governing data security management change every now then. Many people still lag behind in appreciating these laws in relation to their businesses. Whether you have a string of clients, or a narrow list of 10 consumers, without privacy management or any form of data security technology, you’re susceptible.

Bookkeeping Software

Balance sheets and bank statements will not surmount your accounting needs as a business manager. This is not to undermine the value of analyzing bank account statements. No! In fact, you can go ahead and use Excel to calculate future projections. But you need more. You need an online cheap accountant.

Several digital bookkeeping tools can help you include QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Zoho Books. But if you’re new to entrepreneurship, WaveApps Accounting software with simple functionality, although it only works for PC users. You can even hire a virtual bookkeeper to keep an eye on your finances while you are busy running your business.

Email Service Vendor

Sending an email to a string of clients at a go is ok, but sending out multiple email messages to clients without an option for them to opt out is unlawful. With strong privacy policies, it is essential to have a recommendable email service integrated with your business.

According to statistics, 75% of people who click on your company’s website aren’t motivated to make purchases? An effective way of convincing them is through email marketing to have some potential leads generated. Apart from ExpoMarketing, Active Campaigns, and MailChimp, constant contact is a relatively cheaper email server software and has for many years triumphed as the best for value.

Mobile Technology

A 2015 survey reported that 59% of businesses saw the value and opportunities in investing in mobile technology. We are almost into 2019, and undoubtedly, that percentage has spiked.

Today, Google requires every e-commerce to have a mobile-friendly website to rank better in the Google ranking index. Over 50% of online queries are accelerated through mobile phones. bMobilized is an effective software that can help you bolster your site’s accessibility from smart-devices.

Accepting mobile payments is another thing you should consider. The trend is quickly gaining ground. Offering such opportunities to your clients gives you a competitive edge against your industrial competitors.

New technological tools emerge as years elapse. For your business to remain viable, it is only imperative that you embrace technology in business operations. After all, these tech tools are an investment that offers Return-On-Investment (ROI) in the long run.

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