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23rd January 2019

Technology for your Garden

Whether you are green fingered or not, it is hard to argue with the fact that some tasks and work in the garden can be somewhat on the laborious and a bit dull. If you are interested in keeping your garden looking pristine and that beautiful little bit of paradise on your property, but don’t want to put in quite as much work as the average home gardener, technology may be the answer. As is the case with other areas of life, technology has been utilised in many interesting ways when it comes to the gardening and in the following post, we highlight a number of our favourite items.

Robot Lawnmower

Have you got a Roomba or another robot hoover for your home? They are pretty cool, aren’t they? Not fancy mowing your lawn ever again? You don’t have to, if you can afford the price tag of a robot lawnmower. These beasts are amazing pieces of tech that mean you can sit back and relax while your robominion cuts the lawn for you. You don’t even really need to keep an eye on it all the time as most have built-in GPS so you just need to look at your smartphone or tablet for updates. You can also control them remotely, and you can get lawn mowers for different sized acres.

Weather Station

Although you can get detailed weather reports from several places, most of these sources are generalized to a larger area than just your property or even your garden. If you want to have a more precise understanding of the weather and atmospheric conditions around your garden, you could invest in a weather station from Kestrel Instruments (click here for more info). This awesome equipment can monitor and measure air pressure, temperature, humidity, and quality and give you reports and alerts directly to your mobile device, whether it’s a tablet or smartphone. They are especially useful if you have a greenhouse and need to closely regulate the temperature of the plants you are growing.

Water Irrigation Timer

Do you have a lot of plants that you need to water at specific times and are not always around to do so? Do you have a water irrigation system already in place, that could do with some adjustments and upgrades? You can always find irrigation supplies online if you’re looking to improve your existing system. You could invest in an irrigation timer to connect to your water irrigation system. Many of these can be synced to your smartphone and activated and turned off using your device. Check out some good water irrigation timers here. You could also get in touch with experts in this field who could give you a precise idea about what you might need for your garden. Professionals who specialize in Sprinkler and Irrigation Services could prove to be a boon to you in times such as this.

Powered Wheelbarrow

Although pushing a wheelbarrow back and forth can be an awesome workout for your biceps and triceps, not everyone gets the same joy. Particularly if you have mobility issues, are elderly and infirm, or just a bit lazy. With a powered barrow, this is not a problem anymore. These badboys allow you to clear away branches and rubble or transport whatever you need to and with the touch of a button it can rolls itself, meaning that the only thing you really need to do is guide it.

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