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8th December 2018

Tech Tools For More Cohesive Project Management

Project management is one of the key factors which works to keep your business operation growing and changing. Efficient project management will help your business reap the benefits of all the hard work with ease. Work smarter, not harder, and get smart about the tech tools available to you.

Let technology give your project management team a new lease on creativity, and educate yourself on the different tech tools available today. Sometimes, if you don’t have the knowledge to have faith in the tools listed, it’s worth getting a Management Consultant on board – you can view Cavendish Wood for an example of what said consultant could bring to the table. Here is a brief overview of some tech boosts your business could be using to nurture long-lasting success.

Communication tools

Project management is heavily dependant upon the quality of communication efforts among the professionals involved. Your company’s PMP professionals know that the more solid a team’s communication regimen proves, the more quality results will be produced.

Technology, however, has revolutionized the way in which we communicate in business and in our everyday lives. Mobilized applications such as Skype and Facebook Messenger give your professionals instant visual and audio communication access throughout the workday.

Collaboration tools

One of the very best digital platforms for team collaboration is offered by Google. Google G-Suite will equip your professionals with fluent abilities in communication, file sharing, collaborative creation, and more.

Google can hold your documents securely, however, there still are security concerns. If your business requires file sharing to be as secure and confidential as possible then Google may not be the best platform. See and other secure filesharing solutions to see which one is right for your business.

Mural is similar to a digital whiteboard. Your team can work throughout the day, sharing ideas and creating new perspectives along the way. Create your own business development mural, and champion the art of collaboration.

Creativity boosting tools

There are several quality applications aimed towards facilitating a creative mind. When your business professionals are having difficulty generating fresh ideas, try spending some time with Brainsparker or SimpleMind.

Brainsparker is the digital recreation of tossing a bunch of ideas in a hat, and pulling randomly from the collection to formulate an overall creative idea. SimpleMind is a bit more elaborate, and will take several different angles to expand a simple idea.

Workflow management

Trello is possibly the very best solution for your professional workflow management. Trello’s software provides one of the most comprehensive frameworks for workflow management on the market.

Trello has it all. You’ll reap the benefits of simple file attachment/sharing, commenting, assigning tasks, spreadsheets, and email communication all from this one tool.

Gantt charts and milestones

Gantt charts are a nifty way to illustrate progress, completion dates, and goals along your project’s lifespan. Gantt charts keep things moving, and allow you to visualize the progression as you build.

Aha! Is at the top of the list when considering tech tools and Gantt charts. The user interface is easy to use, and advanced project management steps are straightforward. You’ll have an effective digital monitoring operation up and thriving in no time through the assistance of Aha!.

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