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4th December 2018

Tech Tips To Boost Your Small Business Operation

Building a small business in today’s modern world is more possible than ever before. The tech tools available to entrepreneurial individuals can do more and keep track of more than you could probably even imagine.

The power of one is no longer a limiting factor in business. Take a few moments to read over some of the most beneficial tech tools for entrepreneurs, and start building the path to your dreams today.

Software programs for operations

The everyday operations of your small business can easily be streamlined through the use of software tools. Your business finances, scheduling, and documentation can all be handled by one person through a series of capable programs.

  • Quickbooks – Quickbooks is a one-stop money shop for your business. This program handles finances and much more.
  • Evernote – Evernote is great for project management and for keeping your workday on track.
  • GoodHire – If you do choose to scale your workforce, GoodHire is the way to do it. You will have a much more qualified talent pool from which to choose using GoodHire as your guide.

Develop your online presence

Business today has a lot to do with the internet. To nurture a healthy, growing business operation, you need to invest in building a respectable online presence. You can start by building a well-designed business website.

There’s no exact formula for a successful business website, but there are plenty of aspects which have been proven effective by other entrepreneurs. This legal website for accident victims shows great use of communication and navigation with its clean-cut layout.

Launch a QR campaign

Quick Response codes are a great tool for marketing to a digital world. First used in 1994 by the automotive industry, QR codes are a longstanding, successful way to reach your target audience. People live on their mobile devices today, and your business has a lot to gain by meeting people where they live.

Cloud-based services are useful

Cloud-based services are a crucial tool for running a successful small business operation. Through cloud-based services, your business will cut costs by relieving you of the cost of setting up IT infrastructure.

Information transfer, storage, and recall are as close as a click of the mouse when your small business is linked with cloud-based services. Security is also much easier to manage in a digital realm.

Social media is a powerful force

Your small business will be far more visible online if you can effectively harness the force of social media. Establish a profile for your small business on all of the top social media platforms, but don’t stop there.

Maintain your social media pages, and offer engaging opportunities for followers. For example, if you have an Instagram page for your business, keep it updated. Post and share stories that are relevant to your business. However, many a time, budding entrepreneurs find it difficult to get more Instagram engagement, such as likes and comments. It can truly be a daunting task as you cannot force anyone to like or comment on your photo. That is why many users look for different ways to supplement their Instagram engagement (especially Likes) as this helps them to gain traction on the platform and cause a snowball of more engagement.

Many often prefer to buy Instagram likes, which can give their engagement that extra boost it needs for better performance on this social media platform. But before venturing on the journey of purchasing ‘Likes’, it would be prudent for you to learn about the nitty-gritty of this process (from web pages like Once you are armed with the proper knowledge, it could be possible for you to create a huge customer base.

Remember that besides social media platforms, your business website is also a great place to drop social media sharing icons for passing visitors.

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