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29th November 2018

SocialCaptain Review – Easily Grow Your Instagram Account

I have long tried to increase my Instagram following without putting in any work. This is why I have tried every single IG follower tool that I have come across, yet always got the same results: nada. Also this massive post on HTTP-COM on the best bots for Instagram is a great read.

It’s not that I am lazy, because I’m far from that. It’s just that running my business takes up the majority of my time, so I can’t justify manually interacting on the app. I simply don’t have the time between my company and my obligations in my personal life. Many friends have recommended reading up on the importance of growing your followers and likes on social media, on sites such as StudyBreaks, so that I am aware of the software open to me.

So, the thought of having software do the following, liking, unfollowing, commenting, etc. was very appealing to me. Think about it – if the software did what it said we would all have followings that rival the Kardashian’s millions of followers. It’s just not that easy. Every Instagram growth service I have tried over promised and under delivered.

But even though I have never found a good option in the past I never stopped paying attention what came out. Instagram is such a key marketing tool, so in the back of my mind I always hoped I’d find a solid option that actually worked. Many friends of mine have chosen to buy automatic Instagram likes, which seemed to work for them as their following went up automatically as a result of their like count increasing.

I came across SocialCaptain, which says it helps you easily grow your Instagram account. I’ve heard this promise before, but they offered a free trial for several days so I figured there was no harm in giving them a shot. Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised with the results and I am now running their software on my Instagram account, seeing amazing results. Since this is the first Instagram growth tool that works, I felt a review was in order.

AI Technology is the Future of Instagram Growth

When I read on SocialCaptain’s website that they are an AI-based Instagram growth tool it grabbed my attention. I have never seen any other offer claim this. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but over time the results were outstanding.

The targeting and filters you have access to help assist the AI, giving it guidelines to work within. From there, it starts to act as humanly as possible, in terms of how it interacts with accounts. It looks and feels like you are doing all the work. The good news is that their AI tach works at 150X human speed. This is how you are able to see such large growth charts.

You See Results in Real-Time

I am a big fan of being able to see what is happening, and the dashboard of this software gives you a look at what is happening in real-time. If someone follows your account, you see it as it happens. Every aspect of your Instagram account is accessible, and the analytics are very in-depth. You can tell their developers put a lot of time and effort into this as it’s the most advanced dashboard for an Instagram tool I’ve ever seen.

The Cost is Unbeatable

I know people that spend several hundred dollars a month on fake likes and followers, which do absolutely nothing for them. If anything, that hurts your account. SocialCaptain’s best monthly plan is only $99, making it very affordable. There’s also a pair of cheaper $39 monthly and $15 weekly options, though their price comes at having reduced growth speeds and less features.

If a business can’t generate a positive ROI from using this tool then there is a major problem. I can’t see any business passing up these types of results for less than a hundred-dollars.

Machine Learning for More Instagram Followers?

SocialCaptain has something it calls SmartGrowth, which it says improves the overall performance of your growth strategy with every single execution. So, the longer your campaigns run, the smarter the software becomes. This constant optimization is what is responsible for the increased results. Over the couple of months, I have used this I can say their technology is on-point.

My Final Thoughts

There is no denying AI is changing the way we live. From Amazon Alexa and Google Voice, technology is becoming much smarter and a part of everyday lives. It was only a matter of time before machine learning and artificial intelligence spilled over into marketing, and the team at SocialCaptain are first to the party in terms of using it to power fast Instagram growth.

If you were like me, constantly searching for a way to increase your Instagram followers fast, then I suggest you give SocialCaptain a try and take them up on their free trial offer. You have nothing to lose. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to grow their Instagram account.

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