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14th February 2023

Self Employed? How to Separate Your Personal Life from Your Business

As a self-employed person it is important to create and maintain a comfortable balance between your personal life and your business. This can be done by setting personal boundaries and having a dedicated, separate place for work. It is also important to be realistic about these boundaries as there will likely be some spillover from time to time. Make sure you are able to keep your private life and work life separate, so you can maintain professionalism in both areas of life.

A General Routine is Important

Establish regular hours and stick to them, so you can keep a healthy work-life balance. This means that you should allot specific hours for activities. So when you want to take a break from work, there should be some activity that you have nailed down for yourself. A nice long bath, a jog or stroll outside, or even if it’s the “Tube v Sex” type of me-time, it will require you to carve some time out from your daily schedule. You could, perhaps, dedicate an hour for the activity in the evening so that it does not overlap with other tasks that are to follow. Plus, it helps if you’re punctual — that way you would be able to complete your daily tasks and activities in an orderly manner.

This will also help you create a mental boundary between your personal life and work life, so that it doesn’t interfere with each other. Designate specific days when you will go to the office and maintain those hours, while also scheduling time for yourself, family and personal projects.

If necessary, have separate spaces at home designated as your office space, where you can do all of your working without any distractions from your private life. Take a leaf out of the book of a specialist such as a plastic surgeon seo. Dealing with a highly specialized target market in this way will dictate to you the optimal operational times.

Working from Home?

Similar principles should apply. Set yourself specific hours during the day that you will stick to for working, and make sure not to work outside of them. This will help you stay focused on your work during your working hours, and also prevent overworking which could lead to disastrous results. As a self-employed person it is important to maintain a distinction between your professional life and personal life in order for success in both areas. It can be tempting to let the two blur into each other if given shorter space of time available, but this should be avoided at all costs if you want any chance of success as a self-employed person without failure.

Dealing with Distractions

The hardest part of keeping your personal and work lives separate when working from home is the availability of distractions, but it can be done with effort. It is important to establish boundaries within the family on the lines between working and leisure time. Keep yourself busy at home to avoid mixing in your social life with business activities. Spend quality time with friends and family away from work-related tasks whenever possible as this will allow for a healthy balance in personal life.

Something like organizing diabetic foot care for a loved one is more of a personal task, for instance, so if it’s completed as part of maximizing professional resources, it should be after or before your regular working hours. A habit of separation is important to drill into oneself.

Key Takeaway

As a self-employed person it is important to separate your personal life from your business, this can be done by having designated hours for business calls and emails. The best scenario is that which has you making some kind of physical commute to a separate working space, be it a short walk away or one which requires you to make use of the services of the likes of Bekins Moving Solutions.

Allowing yourself to take personal calls outside of work hours and not taking them during the day when you should be focusing on your job helps ensure that work stays at work and home stays at home. It’s also essential to remember that office workers have their own set of rules in regards to their working hours, so it’s important not to call or email them outside of those times unless absolutely necessary.

Setting boundaries like these will help keep the problem of blurred lines between business and personal life from arising. Separate computers for both personal and business activities should be used, and it’s always good to have a designated space for working.

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