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22nd February 2022

PS4 vs Xbox One vs Nintendo Switch – Which Was Best?

The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch all fall under what is known as the eighth generation of consoles. A lot of people would argue that the 2010s was the best decade for gaming in history with the industry and worldwide gaming population increasing beyond numbers ever before imagined.

But like with any generation the successes cannot be scrutinised too much before deciding which console was the best of the generation. The three consoles mentioned above all came out around the same time and experienced very different lifespans and opinions throughout the decade.

The three consoles will go head-to-head in a few categories with a 3 place podium waiting at the end for the competitors. The categories will be price, exclusives and graphics.


Normally, for past console war generations, all consoles available were priced around pretty much the exact same mark. Many people for the current generation believe that $300 is the magic number when it comes to all types of consoles. None should be extravagantly higher than that mark unless they can compete with a full-blown desktop computer.

All three of these consoles came in at around the $400 mark which makes them rather expensive in relation to the magic number. For the power and technology, you receive though the price seems about right for all 3.

Even though the Switch is far smaller the portability and various other features that it has over the standard consoles means it’s worth the asking price.


PlayStation is notorious for its excellent array of exclusive games and the PS4 generation did not disappoint with titles like God of War, Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank Reboot, The Last of Us, and many more on the roster.

The Switch is also strong in this category with many classics such as the new Mario Games, The Legend Of Zelda, and Luigi’s Mansion to name a few.

The Xbox on the other hand struggled in this category with very few notable exclusives released on the console. Many players found better entertainment value by claiming a big dollar no deposit bonus .


The technical specifications of these consoles won’t be discussed here but rather the general consensus explained.

There is agreement that the PS4 and Xbox One are too similar technically to differ on the graphics front with both producing some of the best-looking games we have seen in gaming history.

The Switch on the other hand is much smaller and much less technically efficient meaning that it can’t handle some of the games released on the other consoles. However, Nintendo are a smart company so the games they developed are done in a cell-shaded, cartoony style which means that they all look and run expertly.

Nintendo gives up graphical excellence for portability.

Who Wins?

Based on the categories used above it is quite clear that the PS4 won this generation’s console wars, with the Nintendo Switch coming second and the Xbox One in last place.

The numbers back up this podium with PlayStation coming first in sales, then the Nintendo Switch, and then the Xbox One.

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