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13th January 2021

Practical Technologies For Your Shop

Running a brick and mortar business is a journey.  You learn what works and what doesn’t along the way, but some things can be anticipated.  Planning for the humps in the road helps alleviate stress.  

Technology is one of the most capable tools business owners have at their disposal, and you can always find new ways to implement the newest creations.  

Take a moment now to read a little about some practical technology applications that will help boost your shop, and start reshaping your future today. 

Add an ATM to your store

Technology is a beautiful thing for business owners, and ATMs are one of the stars of the proverbial ball. Adding an ATM to your business will create passive revenue and added opportunity for consumers to do business with your establishment.

When people need money fast, they may be more apt to stop into your establishment for the convenience and access your ATM offers.  People are also likely to purchase something with the money they withdraw, and technology provides the opportunity.    

Integrate a POS system 

A point of sale system is a pertinent part of a well-run business, and the newest tech in this area is exciting.  A modern POS system will help your business make the customer experience more fluent, flexible, and capable. For example, if you’re a dispensary then a system like this pos unlimited system will provide you with the flexibility and functionality you need in order to not only boost sales but also improve customer service.  

You’ll get some very valuable information on sales and other areas of your business from a modern POS system. The intricate details of such a system will also help the efficiency of your business.

Tech brings added security

Technology is the driving force behind stellar security measures you can implement in your shop.  Adding security cameras and merchandise detectors can work wonders to slow (or even stop) theft in your establishment.  

More importantly, tech can secure the other tech you use within your establishment.  Your credit card transactions and/or online purchases should be secure.  Customers shouldn’t have to worry when they give your business sensitive financial information, and technology can provide the security you need to create a safe zone.  

There’s an app for that 

Technology is the reason for the mobile boom in society today, and technology can help your business tap into that frenzy.  Designing a mobile app to assist customers will help drive business.  

Your mobile app may help facilitate digital ordering and curbside pickup services. Your mobile app can help people search through merchandise without having to walk all over the store. Having a complimentary app for your business will open your establishment up to new commerce.

Portable transaction devices 

Your business may benefit from portable transaction devices.  Your associates may have a lot of square footage to cover, and what’s more convenient than the ability to help customers directly from the floor? 

Infographic created by Corcentric, a b2b payment solutions company

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