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7th February 2022

New priorities for first time buyers in 2022

With plenty of new changes this year and following a lot of time spent indoors over the last two years, buying a home in 2022 has changed for a lot of first time buyers. With many people now choosing different ways to buy as well as different kinds of homes and various locations, buying a home in 2022 certainly has a fresh face.

For first time home buyers, there are now more options for homes than ever before. Many home builders are selling homes in more diverse and unique locations, allowing buyers to find homes that meet their budgets and needs. In this light, home buyers can seek out a nearby builder, such as a Kansas City home builder, and purchase a house that suits their needs.

Nowadays, many new homes are being built with the latest amenities and features, such as energy-efficient appliances, open floor plans, and modern fixtures. Home buyers can prioritize their needs and wants when searching for a home, making it easier to find the perfect property.

Suburbia is a favourite

One of the key priorities for first time buyers in 2022 is getting hold of a home in the suburbs. Buying a home in an area well connected to the city while being surrounded by green space is a top priority. While many first time home buyers have spent the majority of their last 2 years at home, ensuring they have enough outdoor space to get daily exercise and enjoy the outdoors is of utmost importance. And with a variety of different affordable suburbs including shared ownership homes in Berkshire to Help to Buy in Yorkshire, there’s plenty of choice and a plethora of new homes to choose from.

Shared ownership

Another way first time buyers are getting hold of their homes is through shared ownership. Shared ownership allows you to part buy, part rent a property while only putting down a deposit on the share you wish to buy. With shares available between 10% and 75% of a property, buying a home through shared ownership has seen rapid and rising popularity in recent years. Opening up the property market to first time buyers especially those wanting their own piece of London property, shared ownership is a great way to buy a home. And from apartments available in West Drayton to shared ownership homes in Dartford, there’s a whole range of choice. The vast majority of these homes are also all new builds so you can enjoy the process of moving in knowing you won’t have to worry about fixing any niggles when you’re settled.

Work from home space

Another key feature for home buyers this year is work from home spaces. As many of us have now moved to a more remote way of working, buying a home with a decent amount of space to do this is essential, whether its a converted guest bedroom or a sectioned off area of the kitchen, having an area In which to be productive and that works for you as much as you work in it, can make all the difference when it comes to those slightly rough Monday mornings. Working from home can be tough but many first time buyers are making it easier for themselves through buying a home with a room to work and stay motivated.

Help to Buy

This may have been around for a while but Help to buy jd seeing great success across the UK in 2022. Help to buy allows you to put down a 5% deposit and obtain a 20% government equity loan that carries no interest for the first 5 years. Help to buy is perfect for first time buyers wanting to cut out those hefty initial payments while owning the entire property from the very start. And with help to buy offering 40% equity loans in London, this is a key first time buyers scheme really making waves in 2022.

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