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1st August 2019

Interesting Mobile Apps/Games To Explore In 2019

The steadily increasing demand for the mobile gaming industry to expand has provided a $50 billion dollar earning capacity for the industry, and there are more than two billion mobile game players around the world.

It’s safe to say that mobile gaming isn’t going down anytime soon. If you’re looking for a few new games or mobile apps to keep your hands busy in the boring moments life provides, check out a quick runthrough of some of the most popular and interesting mobile games/apps on the market in 2019.

Win real money gambling online

The rules and laws surrounding online gambling have been a bit sketchy in the past, but software designers have worked out most of the kinks with lottery apps. Some platforms provide a perfect place to purchase scratch-off tickets, win big, or win small.

No worries about getting your money either. It’s real money winnings. Just follow the instructions on the platform you choose, and start scratching.

Torrent it away!
Torrent applications like UTorrent, BitTorrent, and iTorrent for Android and IOS respectively have the capability to download multiple files at once. With customizable options like enable background downloading and seeding, set upload and download limits, these applications come in handy when we need our downloads done – fast and furious! There might be cases where the iTorrent app is not readily available for download, in case of which you can take the help of cracked app stores like TweakBox App, AppValley, or panda torrents.

Tetris is timeless and untouchable

Tetris simply won’t go out of style. The simplistic puzzle game has entertained gamers for generations, and mobile phones won’t knock it off the throne. The official EA version of Tetris is one of the very best mobile games you could possibly play this year.

You may find yourself stuck in the colorful world of shapes for hours, but it’s totally worth it. Bring back a small piece of happiness from your childhood, and get reacquainted with Tetris in 2019.

Invest some time in the Angry Birds series

Angry Birds is a perfect game for mobile platforms. Each little bird is easy to control, and the gameplay is fairly straightforward. Use your birds to break down various puzzle structures without running out of moves.

All the Angry Birds games are pretty great, so you don’t have to worry about exploring the wrong one. Rovio knew they had gold when they released this groundbreaker, and the legend of the Angry Birds continues still.

Spaceteam is an epic party game

If you enjoy the controlled chaos of team games, Spaceteam is better than any at conquering the task or your entertainment.

Players use their smartphones to control a ship together, using some pretty zany digital switches, buttons, and levers. Spaceteam is just as fun for others to watch you play as it is for the people actually playing.

Jump aboard the Pokemon rage

Pokemon Go revolutionized mobile gameplay with the integration of Augmented Reality (or AR). Kids of the ‘90s dreamt of the day they’d be able to walk around in real life to catch random Pokemon, and Niantic was more than willing to make their dreams reality.

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