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3rd September 2019

Increasing Your Traffic: Four Tips for Online Businesses

The key ingredient you need for making your online business success lies in website traffic. Otherwise, if nobody sees the content you put up, what’s the point of making it?

However, boosting your traffic is easier said and done. After all, the Internet is a competitive place, and everybody is looking to gain those viewers. So, if your products are high-quality, there are strategies to start building your audience. Today, we will explain essential guidelines to start you towards success.

Publish Content

Even if you focus on eCommerce, your visitors want to see more than just products for sale. Thus, publishing consistent content of high value will drive tons of traffic to your website. There are so many online stores today that you need more to make your customers stay.

Start a WordPress blog. It will give your customers what they want, and keep them coming for more than purchases. Your topics may range from product reviews to tutorials and general tips related to your niche.

Finally, make sure your content is engaging. Avoid generic pieces and publish pieces of writing meaningful to your customer base.

Videos and Social Media

Creating a blog is a fantastic way to engage your audience, but you shouldn’t disregard the significance of videos and social media, either.

Make sure you are present on social media. Then, once you gain a follower base, start publishing useful, personalized content.

If you’re selling, you could also start a Youtube channel with tutorials or reviews. Not only will it be useful, but it will reach more people, thus turning prospective customers into loyal followers.

Email and Newsletters

Reaching customers via email is an old strategy, but don’t let that exposure go to waste by being generic.

Focus on Branding

Add a recognizable signature into your email. You could also add links to (already established!) social media profiles for those interested in seeing more of your content.

Keep them Engaged

Welcome emails are another great way to make your subscribers see the worth in being part of your online family. Set up a witty, engaging email for new members.

Invite them back

Also, consider sending newsletters to your subscribers. Many people subscribe to a website, only to never revisit it. Thus, sending a newsletter will remind them of your existence and engage them in your content all over again.

Excite Your Audience

When it comes to newsletters, make sure they’re creative, warm, and informative. Add a call-to-action to get people to visit once they’ve read it.

Take Advantage of SEO

We’ve already explained why adding content to your eCommerce website matters. Now, you must understand SEO and the role it plays in driving traffic to the website.

In essence, SEO is a marketing tactic. It’s used to help your users find your site in the search engine results. Focus on the basics and do the following:

  • Find keywords product-related keywords and use them in blog posts
  • Include external links to relevant experts in your niche
  • Include keyword descriptions with product images
  • Write meta descriptions
  • Make your website top speed

The Bottom Line

As a Toronto digital marketing company maintains, marketing that generates traffic is vital to your online success. Here, we outlined the basics – do only this, and you may see your business thrive!

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