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15th May 2018

Hyped up Tech That Duly Faded Away

In a bid to fight the current trend I established this blog so as to deliver information which is useful and offers readers some real value. There are countless times after which I felt like I’d really wasted my time reading blog posts and other pieces which turned out to be nothing more than hearsay or obvious junk mail. One of those particular times was when I’d read some reviews of the hottest new tech gadgets which I thought were a complete waste of time and resources, but in hindsight I can now say that they weren’t complete wastes of time.

Rather, reading up about the likes of Google Glass and wearable tech such as smart watches actually helped me avert what I believe would have been stupid purchasing decisions, especially when we refer to the definition of what technology is in its true sense.

Technology is anything that is meant to improve our lives or make some or other important process (particularly one of survival and progress) easier. If you take the example of what SD-WAN has on business processes, you can see it’s a blessing in disguise for them. By connecting the different business applications in a secure tunnel that also employs secure encryption, this solution makes the internet connection reliable and secure for users (refer to to learn more). Similarly, there are many other advancements like these where the internet has made life simpler for many. That said, here’s a list and a brief exploration of some pieces of technology which I’m glad faded away following their hyping up.

Google Glass

From the very beginning I never thought Google Glass would catch on in the manner the developers were probably hoping for and thank goodness it didn’t! I mean it’s ridiculous, walking around with a pair of futuristic internet glasses like some kind of cyborg. Why do you need a camera in your glasses and why can’t you whip out your smartphone if you need to access the internet on the go?

There are indeed some specific cases in which this type of tech is indeed useful beyond measure, like when mechanics are fixing a car’s engine and they perhaps need an interactive visual guide, but then again that should be some tech which is built specifically for that.

3-D Printing

Okay, so I’m actually a fan of 3-D printing, so it may seem counter-productive to have listed it here. I’ve just never been a fan of all the hype around buying 3-D printers for domestic use, which would indicatively have you printing miniature basketballs and other “toys” just for the sake of it.

Smart Watches

Need I even say more? I mean you have a watch with a massive screen/digital interface that you can connect to your smartphone so that you can extend the capabilities of your smartphone, like being able to answer calls on your wrist?! Why not just use your smartphone directly? Besides this, one of the most important questions regarding these watches is: do they also work on small single-cell shaped batteries? If yes, then do they need 2032 or 2025 batteries? (Note: one can find the comparison here between the two battery types) Are these watches more expensive to repair?

Cloud Sharing

Cloud computing comprised out of actual computing power and storage is another piece of tech I’m actually a fan of, but not in the manner it was touted. We were told by the late Steve Jobs and the likes that we’d be able to store our photos and share them with the world – as if the internet needs any more of the useless data which is being generated in volumes by the second. Otherwise cloud computing can be extremely useful.

Seriously man!!

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