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9th January 2020

How to use a VPN through your home network, protecting all the devices using the network

There are a lot of important reasons why you want to protect your network. You don’t want people being able to know what you are up to, pages you are visiting on the Internet and what you are doing there. You also do not want a situation where websites can legally use cookies to know your interests on the Internet and then bug you with adverts. You also do not want a situation where there can be access to your credit card details or your personal information. With your credit card details, you could be robbed as your credit card will be used for buying things on the Internet or the money in it transferred to another account. With your personal information, your identity could be cloned and used to commit crimes that would be traced back to you. Thus, you should look for the best vpn 2021 has to offer and use it to protect every device on your network. It only takes one unprotected device on your network to provide a big enough loophole for hackers to steal your data, so a VPN is your safest option.

Get the right VPN
It is important to get the right VPN to protect your computer. There are often a lot of free options available. The disadvantage of the free option is that they would not give you as much protection as a paid VPN would most likely give you. There are several good VPNs that you can opt for such as NordVPN. You can read reviews about NordVPN to know the level of protection you would get from using the VPN as well as how best to use them.

Pay for it
When you have searched for the right VPN that you want to use and you have made up your mind, you could proceed to the website of the VPN platform and pay for it. In most cases, you would have the option of paying either for monthly, quarterly or yearly. The higher the number of months you pay for, the lower the average amount you will be paying per month will be. Except if you want to try it for the first month before fully committing, it might be best you pay at once for a year’s subscription if you can afford it.

Install it on all your devices
Once you have paid for the VPN, you would be able to immediately start using it. Depending on the package you paid for or the company, you would have some devices you can install your VPN on. This could be as high as 6 devices or more. It means you could easily install on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and smartphone.

Check the settings to be sure it is activated
Once you have finished installing, you should get familiar with the settings and ensure that all the required settings are on. From time to time, you might have to put off one or two settings if the need arises and then put them back on once you are through with the activity that made you put off the particular VPN settings.

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