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6th April 2021

How to Make the Meeting Room Better Once the Office Reopens

It’s been a while since you last had a meeting in the office space. All your meetings over the past months happened online. The good thing is there’s enough time to improve the meeting room. Before everyone goes back to work again, your meeting area can become more conducive to discussions. These are some helpful tips for preparing the office.

Guarantee social distancing

Expand your office to allow social distancing. Even when things start to get back to normal, social distancing guidelines could still be in place. Remember that the offices closed in the first place due to the high risk of viral spread. If you’re thinking about safety during the meeting, you should guarantee social distancing. Keep the tables and chairs apart. Wear face masks in certain areas, these can be bought on websites like StringKing. Buy new microphones so people can hear each other despite the distance. Reduce the number of people in a meeting if the area is too small. In terms of inside air, make sure that your air conditioning is in full working order before reopening your meeting rooms to your employees. If you are looking for services in Plano, or air conditioning services anywhere, make sure to choose a company that will judge whether you need maintenance, a repair or even a replacement of your air conditioning.

Include washing stations

You should also include washing stations in your meeting room. It reminds everyone to wash their hands always. They have to stay sanitized all the time to prevent the risk of infections.

Invest in quality devices and furniture

You want to surprise your employees by making the meeting room better than before. Invest in quality devices like a smart TV. It makes the discussion more engaging and interactive. It also makes the available space look more relaxed. Look for quality furniture to improve the room. Don’t forget to invest in a projector on the ceiling if you have a large meeting room. You want the information projected on the screen to be clear, even for those seated at the far end.

Purchase an idea board

You can’t discuss everything during the meeting. If it’s a brainstorming session, there’s no guarantee that you can finish the discussion. You might also have ideas that you can’t express right away. The idea board allows you to leave information once you thought about it. You’re free to write on the board if something pops up in your mind before forgetting about it. You could make use of a white or glass markerboard to make the discussions even better. This works well with employees who are good at expressing what they feel through writing rather than speaking.

Get ideas from your employees

Perhaps, at your next Zoom meeting, you can discuss ways to improve the meeting room. Your colleagues are also excited to reopen the workplace. Everyone got tired of virtual meetings. They will feel good discussing how to make the meeting place better for everyone. Inform them about safety protocols and creative means of getting more things done during the meeting. You can get a lot from employees who can’t wait to be back.

You have sufficient time

It’s a shame if your workplace looks the same as it was before the pandemic. You will make your employees feel miserable about getting back to work. You have to give them a reason to feel excited. You also don’t want to dampen their spirit by going back to a place that looks the same. Even if you only improve the meeting room, it’s a good start. You can discuss as a team which other aspects you want to focus your attention on.

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