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8th November 2019

How to Create a DDQ According to Agio

A due diligence questionnaire is also known as a DDQ. This DDQ is part of the essential processes that a company needs to undertake when this organization is analyzing their IT providers. Remember, the appropriate use of IT may provide access to the optimal solutions and practices available on the market. A company needs to know that when they choose an IT provider they are getting the best, the same can be said for when they pick their IT support to handle their tech-based needs. Whether that is through an IT Support Los Angeles company or a company based solely online in a remote capacity, they have to feel secure.

Agio, an IT and hedge fund cybersecurity provider based in New York, recommends that all hedge funds carefully vet their vendors and financial partners with a DDQ.

However, you need to make sure that your IT provider is taking the right actions to protect your organization. Providers like Agio can help you monitoring phishing and outside threats that could potentially make your secure data vulnerable. This step is where a due diligence questionnaire will come into play. The due diligence questionnaire allows your company to make sure that their IT provider has taken all the appropriate steps necessary to protect your IT systems from any malicious actors.

More precisely, by taking the theoretical ideas developed above as a starting point, an organization seeks to interpret these practices. Thus, an organization will propose to the IT provider an outline of a model. This model will include the articulations between the different dimensions of the relationship between providers and clients.

The DDQ will allow the company to make it possible to understand the attitude of the former. Also, the IT Department must anticipate threats and offer you security solutions. The due diligence questionnaire must cover these solutions.

For example, your due diligence questionnaire should ask about the antivirus solutions that the IT providers will use. As another illustration, the due diligence questionnaire should cover the type of firewall solutions that the IT providers will employ to protect your business. The role of the IT provider is also to keep an eye on the market.

They should anticipate your needs and analyze your environment. Thus, the due diligence questionnaire should cover how the IT provider will manage to fulfill all of these roles successfully. A DDQ allows your business to make sure that the IT provider will do everything they can to propose innovative solutions that evolve.

The DDQ should also ask your IT provider how they will enable anti-intrusion and anti-ransomware features to protect your business. The due diligence questionnaire should also cover all the solutions in terms of the business continuity plan, your overall security policy, and a business recovery plan. All of these factors are essential, and a due diligence questionnaire should have questions that cover each of these diverse areas of expertise.

You should also define the most critical indicators to be measured. This step is one of the essential aspects when considering a due diligence questionnaire. The due diligence questionnaire should cover response time, service availability, service quality, and security level.

Finally, the technical project manager will have to play a central role in the transition phase of your IT systems. This individual will act as an intermediary between the various technical stakeholders. Another main obstacle to the transformation of IT systems is the fear of change.

However, the savings achieved by the organization using IT support can be quite impressive. Trust also makes it possible to set up partnerships between companies and service providers. Thus, the trust allows for a guarantee of information quality and knowledge sharing.

The DDQ will help you to boost the overall level of confidence in your organization when it comes to IT systems and IT providers. By using a due diligence questionnaire, you will avoid a certain amount of knowledge that you would otherwise need to acquire. You can delegate this to your partner while benefiting from their real expertise and quality service.

Therefore, a due diligence questionnaire will help your organization to make sure that your IT provider has taken all the steps necessary to ensure that your IT systems will be both protected and fully functional.

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