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14th June 2021

How to Boost Remote Worker Productivity With Navy SEAL Life Lessons

It’s likely not a natural thing to think about your position as an office manager as being anywhere near that of a Navy SEAL team leader. However, your positions may be more similar than you would think. There are plenty of things that office managers can learn from the Navy SEALs – more than you would consider at a first glance. Here are a few steps to take to boost your team’s productivity, all from the Navy SEAL textbook.

1. Think of Yourself as a Leader, Not Just a Manager

As an office manager, you’re not just a manager; you’re leading a team. Even if your team is just making phone calls and writing down numbers all day, you’re not any less of a team than the Navy SEAL team is. You are responsible for growing and evolving your team, and so becoming something similar to an ICF certified team coach should be your goal in terms of leadership and management skills. As a leader, you need to take charge of your team and also take responsibility for your team, two things that managers often don’t do.

2. Understand That Many Problems Arise From Bad Leadership

Any time you run into a problem on your team, your first thought should not be, “What is this person doing wrong?” Instead, your first thought needs to be, “How can I step up to help this person fix their problem?” At the end of the day, you’re the one in charge of the team and you need to be the one who acts like it.

3. Keep Your Processes as Simple as You Can

Simple processes are always better than more complicated processes. With simple processes, you’re more likely to stay on the same track with the rest of your team, which can lead to success much more easily. If you find a way to simplify your workflow, do it.

4. Make Decisions With Finality

Decision-making is one of the most important parts of being a team leader, which is why you need to make your decisions with finality. Remember, not making a decision is itself a decision. When you’re choosing to put off a decision, you’re deciding on a path of inaction, which can be very detrimental to your business and your team members.

5. Invest Actively Into Training for Your Team Members

General training is one of the most important things that you can do to help your team members succeed. Although it can feel frustrating to invest in something that won’t give you a payoff immediately, it’s important that your team members have the knowledge necessary to succeed. They’ll be able to use that training down the line.


In general, keeping yourself and your workers on the same page is something that isn’t easy, but it’s why you’re a manager. Navy SEALs know how to keep people on the same page, and using those skills can be just as helpful in an office as it can be in the trenches. These tips and life lessons from Navy SEALs could be exactly what you need to get your team up and moving in the best way possible.

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