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1st September 2021

How Do Home Security Systems Work?

When we’re talking about how to make your home safer, probably the first suggestion most people would make to you would be to get a security system for your house.

If you know nothing about that type of thing, you might be a little skeptical. After all, if such a system isn’t physically stopping someone from entering your home, what good is it?

Well, that isn’t it at all. The truly comprehensive home security systems serve as deterrents and early warning systems that could very well save your home from getting burglarized.

How does it all work? Here are the main points.

The Basic Components

So, what do security systems even consist of in the first place?

Most are composed of a control panel from which everything is programmed, sensors for doors and windows, motion sensors, security cameras, an alarm sound, and signs or stickers for outdoor display.

These are all the parts you need to secure your home from would-be thieves, but it’s how you make them work together that really counts.

How Do the Parts Operate?

The control panel is where you arm and activate all the other parts of your system. Door and window sensors come in two pieces: one for the wall next to the entry point, and the other for the door or window itself. When closed, the two pieces join together and tell the control panel all is safe.

When the pieces are separated, as in when a window is opened, the control panel knows the link is severed, and that tells it there is a breach (unless you input your security code in the panel to tell it otherwise). In the case of a real break-in, the breaking of the link sounds an alarm and informs the security company.

As for the other security pieces, motion detectors use invisible scanners to see motion in a room and alert the system if any is detected. Security cameras can be hard-wired or wireless, and their feed can be viewed from any smart device so you can see who is on your property no matter where you are.

All the parts work together to make your home quite secure.

The System Can Alert the Company

Finally, depending on your system, your control panel can alert the manufacturer that you have a breach. The higher-end systems allow you to talk to a dispatcher through the panel. The person can contact the fire department or police for you. The lower-end systems will require you to do this yourself.

All in all, home security systems can be the tool you need to optimize your home and finally make it the castle you’ve always wanted.

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