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12th March 2019

High-Tech Solutions for a Safer World

How safe do you feel? It’s such a small question, but one that so many people are so concerned about that it can run or ruin their lives. The feeling of safety itself is removed from the reality of safety. But that doesn’t mean anyone should ever discount anyone else’s feelings, and that’s why it’s so important to recognize how things like technology can offer solutions for these feelings of anxiety.

If you talk to several different people in the same room about the same things, they will all give you different answers about what safety means to them. While for some it may be the bare minimum, others might need a little more than others do. But, you can broaden your perspective about safety to see where technology fits into the mix. Take, for example, we all know how interactive patient care like a Hospital room tv greatly affects the mental health and the rate of recovery for a patient, but how about the safety of a patient in the hospital? That said, there might be a lot of questions about safety when technology is considered. For example, what makes commercial ventures safer? What are engineers doing to create safer roads? However, a lot of safety concerns are regarding privacy – and this is where technology definitely plays a role.

Commercial Ventures

Start with the idea of commercial ventures. If you’ve ever seen a construction site, what sort of technologies are in place that make those sites safer for everyone? Are there new styles of safety gear that are being used? Have all of the managing companies absorbed all of the data possible about accidents and incidents, and put safeguards in place to prevent them as much as possible? Technology can be used for both of these purposes, and the more safe production techniques and behaviors that are put in place, the better the statistics are going to indicate safety as a priority.

Safety On the Road

The roads are a great place to illustrate how technology is helping with safety. Specifically, think about how proximity sensors are making people safer as they drive around. Lights or sounds will indicate to a driver that they are too close to another vehicle or another object. Especially when it comes to blind spots, this is saving lives and saving vehicles from a tremendous amount of damage. Innovative technology is what is driving this possibility forward, especially with all of the new cars on the road.

Healthcare Industry Safety

Within the healthcare field, surgeries are safer than ever these days. Technology has improved surgical instruments and refined the methods by which doctors can perform operations. Think of all the surgeries that are more common these days and have safe and effective results. A good example would be to look at sports surgeries. You hear all the time about knees, elbows, and shoulders being fixed by doctors so that sports stars can get back to their premier shape. This is thanks to the technology that allows precision accuracy and fast healing times.

Safety Regarding Privacy

Many people feel unsafe because of modern information flow. People have put all sorts of private data on social media networks and in other places on the Internet, and hackers have found various ways to get ahold of this. Whereas privacy in the past was a little bit looser, new technology allows people much more thorough control over the encryption factor of their private data, and how much power they have over who sees it in the first place. Especially when it comes to medical records, encryption is what’s keeping people’s data safe from nefarious actors.

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