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8th February 2019

High Tech Safety Gear For Your Athletic Kids

We all know that accidents are inevitable when playing contact sports. The goal is to minimize the injuries our athletes face through the use of innovative technology and design.

Many American families have kids who play sports at every opportunity, and keeping the kids safe is crucial. If you have children who play contact sports, make sure you’re up to date on what is available to keep them safe during the game. Even if your child is taking part in a gymnastics tumbling class, you still need to be aware of the dangers. Any sport can be dangerous so be prepared!

Start by reading through a brief summary, highlighting a few high tech pieces of sports safety gear your kids may find useful this year.

Protecting their mouth

You may have never personally experienced the pain of being hit in the face by a speeding baseball, but you probably understand that it hurts. No parent wants their kid to be hit in the mouth, but contact sports often result in such collisions.

Protect your child’s mouth with the best mouthguard available on the market. A good mouthguard protects the tongue, lip, jaw, and teeth. Always make sure your child’s mouthguard is properly fitted to their mouth.

Protecting their head

The safety trend for the new football helmets of 2019 is custom fit. If your child’s helmet fits their head with precision, the protection provided is closer to guaranteed. Comfort and safety make for an excellent piece of headgear.

The most well-known helmet maker, Riddell, uses a digital mapping of the head to formulate the build of the helmet. The Falcon Pursuit helmets being released this year take the perfect fit to a whole new level, equipping their gear with 10 different sensors.

The sensors in the Falcon Pursuit production take a pressure map of the athlete’s dome, then use the information collected to customize the interior padding. The company hopes to steer players away from choosing small, medium, or large, and start thinking of their helmets as a custom piece of sportswear.

Protecting their body

There are several different contact sports which require the use of safety pads and various guards to protect the player’s body. Football, hockey, lacrosse, snowboarding, and skating all require extra protection for the athlete’s physique.

CarbonTek shoulder pads for football are highly recommended and rated for safety. No matter what you choose, make sure to do the research before spending the money.

Protecting their efficiency

Playing sports should be safe and fun. Honing your skills is part of the fun of playing any sport, and technology provides some pretty inventive ways to track your progress.

For instance, Under Armour just released a running shoe that will digitally track your progress. Wilson has a smart basketball, equipped with sensors that will track your baskets as you practice.

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