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9th January 2020

General Information about Project Scarlet

When it comes to video games, the two names that every game lovers are very familiar with include Xbox and Playstation. Just as Playstation is on the verge of releasing PS5, Xbox is also working on releasing a new version of their Xbox series as well. Before Xbox gave a new name to the new Xbox version they are working on now known as Xbox Series X, the version was code-named, Project Scarlet. This article will discuss general information about Project Scarlet and what you should expect to find when you get the game.

The project scarlet will run on a processor developed by AMD and will maintain its optical drive. However, it is expected that the strength of the project scarlet compared to Xbox One X will be 400 per cent more powerful and 400 per cent faster in terms of the time that would be required for the game to load. It is expected that players of the game will enjoy 120fps while the resolution of the project scarlet will get up to a whopping 8K. it has also been confirmed that the project scarlet will come with SSD Drive. The drive is expected to significantly reduce how much time the game will use to load. The company producing the Xbox, Microsoft, has also stated that the real-time ray tracing feature of the project scarlet will result in a significant improvement as the feature allows more realistic lighting and reflections. Thus, the project scarlet is expected to record significant improvement, compared to the Xbox One X.

When it comes to video games, the graphic is also very important. The project scarlet is not going to lack in the graphics part as well as it would be using the Arcturus GPU by AMD. It would also come with a massive SDRAM of 16GB GDDR6. The implication is that developers can develop more graphical backgrounds and characters without the fear of their game lagging or not performing properly on the console.

You might be wondering if there is going to be any difference between the controller for the project scarlet from what you already know. From speculations, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller would be the controller for the project scarlet. Apart from that, Microsoft has promised that the accessories, headsets and existing controllers of Xbox One X will be usable on the project scarlet console.

Release date and cost
There is no exact date for the release of the project scarlet yet. However, there are speculations that the release would be around December 2020. If things work to this speculation, it means you could be rocking your new project scarlet console by Christmas. It might, however, also mean that you would have your PS5 that is expected to be released around the same time around too. This could create a challenge as to which one you want to buy and play first. The cost has not been officially released as well. However, you can be sure that the price will be higher than the price of the Xbox One X.

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