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26th January 2022

Gaming during the 90s

Gaming during the 90s was a very popular hobby for a lot of people with there being a lot of different types of games for people to play. A lot of people in the 90s used to play either board games or a lot of pc games with games such as Lemmings and Sim City became very popular quite quickly, another game that become popular was Warcraft and this game took off fast amongst gamers due to groups of friends seeing who can collect the best figures amongst other things. During the 90s a lot of people turned to handheld or online games due to them being able to play something new and something different as a lot of people could not play these handheld games due to the consoles being quite expensive at the time so for many, it was a luxury to be able to play on them. A lot of adults chose to find their ways of gaming with many of them heading to casinos to play the games there instead of choosing to play games that a lot of their friends were playing. During the 90s casino were very popular places for many people to go and UK online casinos become very popular with them offering a good selection of different games for people to play at the casino. Even to this day a lot of people from the 90s are still heading to the casino and playing their favourite games as they used to many years ago, it is good to see that they are being used by so many people still. Gaming has changed over the years and has kept changing each year with technology and gaming graphics forever changing the gaming world must change with them to keep up with the demand of offering gamers the best gaming experience possible.

The 90s brought us some of the best games around from some amazing handheld games to games that friends could play together from collecting different parts of games that led them to have a better chance of winning games. The gaming world now is very different to what it used to be with most gamers now choosing to play on online platforms instead of board games or games with figures in like the good old days. Some games from the 90s have been upgraded and updated to be able to be played this day.

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