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22nd August 2019

Four Ways to Use Technology to Monitor Kid Drivers

When they’ve passed their test, your kids will typically be excited to get behind the wheel. Sadly, the looming threat that they will get involved in an accident is a constant concern. According to TeenSafe, distracted driving leads to 80% of road accidents and it’s a particularly worry if they’ve passed a crash driving course and not built up much experience.

The bad thing about kids is that their phone addiction might affect how they drive. Even worse, there’s the threat of drink and drugs, too. Lucky for you as a parent, modern-day technology can help with safety and keep you sane.

Here are four ways technology can help keep your kids safe on the road:

Install a Camera in the Car

Installing a camera in your kid’s car will help you monitor their every move. It can help you shape their driving habits from a young age. Ideally, you should have the camera either store the recording or send it to your phone.

If they break any laws, you’ll know about it. It might also help to sign an agreement with them stating the dos and don’ts when using the vehicle. Once they break a rule, you can use the evidence from the camera to prove it. Follow this with punishment to portray that you have zero tolerance poor driving behaviour.

Use Apps to Prevent Distraction

Look for apps that will keep your kids away from their phones. Most distracted driving apps make distracting phone features inaccessible as long as the car is moving. When in motion, your kids will not manage to get on social media, text, read emails, or even make calls. The only exception is for emergency calls.

However, they come with an overriding test in case your kid is a passenger. While the test is typically easy, it is too complex to pass while driving. Some of these safety apps will require you to pay at first, but it is less costly than having to pay for accident damages.

Consider Using a Breathalyser

As long as their cars can’t start when drunk, it will be tough for your kids to drive drunk. That’s what a breathalyser is for. It gauges the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of a driver. Since it is connected to the vehicle’s system, it ensures that the vehicle won’t start unless the driver is sober.

If the law doesn’t require you to use them on your vehicles, feel free to buy one for your kids. Follow this by urging them to look for alternative ways home if they are drunk. They can take a taxi or even ask a friend to drive them. Creating an atmosphere in which they can feel free to contact you in such situations can be quite helpful too. It’s better for them to arrive home drunk and safe than to use dangerous ways to get back home. It is vital that these precautions are taken to ensure that a Noll Law dui attorney, or similar, won’t be needed if kids are drink driving, or worse, have an accident and cause harm.

Buy Vehicles with Safety Features

As much as you might try to monitor your kid’s driving routine, your efforts can only take you so far. A simple wrong turn can easily lead to an accident. So, why not reduce this risk with the help of the right car? When shopping for a vehicle for your kids, look for one that comes with inbuilt safety features.

For instance, buying one with lane assist technology will limit the chances that they will veer off their lane while driving. Automatic emergency brake systems will also help them avoid collisions on the highway. Do your research on the latest safety features to pick the right car for them. If these features can be added to an already purchased vehicle, feel free to do so.


Helping your kids create a healthy driving habit while they are living with you will help them grow into responsible drivers. The trick is to show no tolerance for any poor driving behaviours. Consider the above tips to feel more at ease with the reality that your kids are driving.

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