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29th July 2021

Four Rules For Men To Layer Their Clothes

Winter is only a few months away, and it’s time to think about your wardrobe for when it’s cold. Of course, most of us like to layer our clothes to deal with varying temperatures during the day. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style. 

Besides protecting you against cold, layers also add depth, variety, and texture to your outfit. 

This guide will help you rock the cold weather with style and comfort. Here are five rules you need to keep in mind while planning your outfit with multiple layers:

  1. Thinner Layer Goes Inside

When you’re layering, the first thing to keep in mind is that the thinner layer will stay closer to your body, and the thicker one will be layered on top of it. However, wearing it the other way around will look out of place. 

For example, you will wear the button-down shirt first, then the wool sweater, and peacoat at last. Since the shirt is lightweight and the sweater is made with a thicker material. Similarly, the overcoat is the heaviest garment, so it’ll always be added as the last layer. 

This rule usually comes naturally. You never layer a shirt over your wool sweater, right?

  1. Never Overdo The Layers

To keep your layering neat and sorted, you should keep the number of layers limited to three. Going beyond three will only make you look overstuffed, which will not look stylish at all. 

Not just this, but it will also affect your mobility. Three layers, however, will always feel comfortable and elegant. 

  1. Mind The Colors

Keeping the color theme the same through all your layers makes your outfit look bland. So, when you’re picking the pieces for layering, make sure to choose multiple colors that complement each other. Now, how would you use these colors in your layering? 

The lighters go inside, and the darker ones are worn outside. But in some cases, you might even want to wear the lighter layer outside and darker inside. For instance, you can wear a casual camel jacket over a navy sweater. 

  1. Each Layer Works Independently 

The layers need to look well together and work individually if you take some of them off later in the day. Or what if someone spills their coffee on you? 

Wearing a shirt just because it looks good peeking from underneath the jacket may not be the best idea if taking off the top layer will ruin the whole look.

So, if you’re uncomfortable wearing any of the layers on its own, then it’s not the right pick. Instead, choose something that would look appropriate when the top layers go off. 


Putting a little thought into your outfit will boost your style significantly and make you more confident. All you need to do is pick the right pieces from your existing wardrobe and display the art of layering using the rules defined in this guide. 

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