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20th June 2018

FlashBack Pro 5 Video Editing Software Review

There are perhaps some other video editing software solutions you’d personally recommend if you’re any sort of videographer or indeed if you’re an experienced vlogger/blogger who has edited your own videos, but I specifically chose FlashBack Pro by Blueberry Software because I have some personal experience with it. That’s not all though – I chose to do a review on this particular video editing software solution because I truly believe it’s the best for a specific purpose, which is that of editing videos that you’ve captured of your screen. I used to work for a fantastic Film Production company and they showed me how to use this software – it’s amazing and so professional!

You can download the software for free, giving you access to what is the trial version and although one would naturally expect the trial version not to offer the full features, it gives you enough features to work with to grant you a good taste of what it offers. It’s been quite a while since I bought the license and unlocked the full version so I might be off by one or two features with regards to what you get with the trial version and the full version.

Screen Recording

So as I mentioned this is the reason why I wanted to give this particular video editing software a try and I’ve never looked back since. You can record your screen and subsequently create a video depicting whatever it is you’re doing, something which is usually done by people seeking to create tutorials of some sort.

It works great – I mean I have what is really just an entry-level computer which runs on a Celeron processor, but I’ve not had any problems with regards to performance. I have 4MB of RAM as well, so I guess that helps ease what would have otherwise been a burden on the entry-level processor.

Having a hand in the software development business (just a small hand) requires us to create tutorials at times so that we can give our prospective clients and existing ones the best representation of what the software can do in action, so you can bet your bottom dollar I use FlashBack Pro quite extensively. There are, however, other screen recording software options available on the market. Maybe companies like Loom ( can help you figure out how to proceed ahead with them.

Extremely Easy to Use

I cannot stress enough just how easy this software is to use – you don’t need any technical skills beyond being computer literate and everything is pretty much just point-and-click. It’s very easy to figure things out by way of positioning and the likes, but in order to get it right all you really need is a bit of practice.

You can “undo” changes as well and save the software system files as many times as you want, so it’s really convenient even if you’re just editing existing videos which you import without recording them yourself through the screen recorder.

The specific features I’ve used so far include adding and deleting frames, pausing the video, adding text, adding and editing sound effects and sound tracks and cycling through the frames with effects such as fading in and out.

Within no time at all you’ll probably be a pro and produce high-quality videos and it’s a lot of fun hey. You’ll enjoy the process itself greatly.

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