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30th October 2019

Cryptocurrency for online education

Change is all we can be sure of as a fundamental part of modern life. It is within change and the willingness for this to take place where true growth can occur. As the great Albert Einstein once said; ‘the measure of intelligence is the ability to change’.

Cryptocurrency is evolving and developing to reach a wider audience whilst growing with its current valued cohort. This, in turn will create more opportunities to use this technology when engaging in online education, whether it be paying for online tutoring or courses from the main providers.

What is Ethereum?

Thanks to the power of modern communication we can create technologies that are decentralised, removing the ‘middle-person’ to allow users to place bets directly as part of a global, fundamentally secure network.

In 2008 Satoshi Nakomoto invented blockchain primarily as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency; Bitcoin. As we know this is a decentralized currency, often used for investment and trading on a bitcoin plattform. You can also use it to place bets securely and quickly on our site. It’s International with no borders, charges and carries only negligible fees. Those wanting to learn more about trading in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may want to check out platforms like bybit to help with this.

Ethereum, according to inventor; Vitalik Buterin is an application specifically designed for these types of decentralised applications or ‘dapps’ for short.

By using Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin to pay for your education online, you can learn with confidence as it’s a fully transparent and trustworthy because it runs on blockchain. This allows you to maintain control of your own data and learning with assurance.

Java Script is the programming language of the World Wide Web from the 90s, similarly, by providing a universal programmable blockchain and making it accessible for all; Ethereum is a highly secure cryptocurrency for the future.

How to use Ethereum to pay for online lessons

Simply use an app from your smartphone, tablet or laptop with a cryptocurrency wallet. For extra security purposes, this is shielded with a unique 12-word code for each user. There are many available, but some time should be taken to find out which is best for you.

Ethereum allows you to make payments like Bitcoin, providing even more flexibility and choice. If you find a tutor that accepts cryptocurrency you will be able to send payments to them in an instant from your wallet.

For those looking to become a tutor accepting cryptocurrency is a fantastic way of widening your appeal, allowing your students for all over the world pay for you services in a discreet and secure manner. You’ll be able to have full control over the money you make and where it is visible.

Another advantage is that students in countries with strict controls on services they can use over the internet, for example China, will feel more confident using and paying for your tutoring with cryptocurrency.

Online learning is set to be the next big thing in online earning potential, and cryptocurrency seems to be on track to become the standard with Facebook getting in on the game. Be at the forefront by using Ethereum today.

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David Bailey-Lauring is a single father of three boys and a content writer and regularly writes about sport, business, education and tech in the UK, USA, and Europe.

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