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27th March 2019

Coworking In Auckland – 5 Tips For Startup Success

Start-ups for years have taken advantage of coworking spaces because they offer businesses a range of office amenities. Furthermore, this very inexpensive office format has provided businesses with a platform for developing relationships. Even though it might appear as though the coworking space focuses solely on the social parts of work, much industry takes place within the office.

The popularity of the coworking space in Auckland can be seen through the proliferation of spaces in and around one of New Zealand’s more popular cities. Professionals can engage in a number of activities, but to really leverage the coworking space, professionals have to think about the space as more than a workspace. A coworking space in Auckland can provide start-ups with a platform for business growth outside of office space with a structured plan for using the space.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways to maximise the coworking space for success.

Have A Plan 

Before joining the space, take inventory of your business needs to see how the space can be used. If your business requires a lot of networking, consider how you might use the space to get to know others. For example, renting a hot desk places you in the middle of industry and the proximity to others can make it easier to forge relationships.

Furthermore, consider the amenities the space has to offer. For those looking to network, an events calendar with many events is a plus. Conversely, for those who have long days at work, a yoga class might be a valued amenity to break up the monotony of work. The best way to use the space is to have a plan of using it before actually starting work. 

Get To Know The Community 

Another way to maximise the benefits of the coworking space is to get to know the community. The coworking enclave is made up of diverse industries and professions, and this is your opportunity to plug yourself into a group of people who can be the foundation of business relationships in the community. More importantly, other members can be great resources and mentors.

Build Teams 

Use the space to build teams. Participating in multiple projects is one way to gain more visibility for your business. More importantly, participating in collaborative projects can help you learn about other industries.

Maximise Space Scheduling 

Most coworking spaces have extended business hours if they do not operate 24/7. Work can become very monotonous, so consider playing with your schedule to allow yourself time to alternate your presence in the coworking space. For example, consider creating a schedule that gives you both light and heavy days. On the light days, consider doing administrative tasks related to running the business, and conversely, conserve your heavy workload days for major projects. More importantly, the office schedule allows you to work when it is most convenient and productive for you.

Get To Know Space Managers

Prospective coworking professionals also should try to get to know the space managers. In many cases, these people can keep you abreast of any people or events that are occurring in the community. Furthermore, they can be a resource for helping you connect with people within the community itself. In any case, getting to know the people who run your coworking space can possibly plug you into some interesting groups in the space. 

5 Tips For Success

Coworking has to be one of the most flexible shared space formats. This flexibility lends itself to providing businesses with the chance to really leverage their workspace to their advantage. The resources, both information and people, can help start-ups transition into developing the types of relationships that create visibility and growth. Ultimately, the coworking space provides start-ups with a community that gives them access to these tools.

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