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8th October 2019

Coolest Car Technologies & Gadgets Of 2019

Every new year brings the dawn of cool new auto technologies, and the gadgets and gizmos just keep getting better as time passes.  As the world is swiftly moving towards completely autonomous vehicles, the capabilities of your ride are evolving.  

Delve into what the next generation of vehicles has to offer, and check out a brief overview.  When you decide you need to buy a new car, have all the best information on hand.  Here are some of the coolest vehicle technologies and gadgets available on the most popular models this year. If you are looking for additional gadgets then you may want to also look online at websites like to see what else you can add to your car to really make it your own technology haven. 

Steering avoidance features 

Steering avoidance gives the driver even more power by taking a little away.  Vehicles equipped with a steering avoidance feature can literally steer your vehicle around any obstacles which may arise in your path.  

For instance, an 18-wheeler may blow a tire and suddenly toss out big chunks of rubber.  If you’re not on your toes, you may not have time to react appropriately to the debris in your path.  Your steering avoidance feature will move the car for you in an instant.  

Vehicles equipped with PreSafe Sound

If you have the dough to grab a Mercedes, you have the option to equip “PreSafe Sound.”  PreSafe Sound is the name given to the release of a sound right before a collision.  The sound is a particular frequency which prepares your ears for the loud sounds that are about to occur.  

After a vehicle collision, you want to know you have all of your faculties about you.  This feature may seem small, but it could ultimately save your life in an accident.  

Road scanning features on Mercedes 

Mercedes is on top of the latest tech features in their vehicles.  Road scanning takes safety to the next level.  

The “Magic Body Control” feature offers the ability to allow your car to detect imperfections along the vehicle path, and use the information it collects to ready the suspension.  You’ll enjoy a much smoother ride with this feature at your disposal.  

Wireless charging pads come equipped 

Vehicle technology isn’t the only thing progressing.  Your smartphone gets smarter by the year as well, and your car’s tech has to be able to keep up.  This year’s vehicle releases featured wireless phone charging pads.  

Wireless charging pads make it possible to completely do away with all those pesky cords.  Take your phone with you as you drive, because now your car can do several things to integrate the use of your phone seamlessly into the use of your car.  

Control your vehicle using an app 

The pace of technology keeps going strong with the addition of a mobile app that allows owners to manipulate various features of their vehicle from the convenience of their smart device.  You can now get a vehicle which grants you the ability to honk your horn, flash your lights, start your vehicle, monitor your electric car’s battery power, and more.

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